The Lightbulb Forest | The Collected Short Fiction of Ali House

The Lightbulb Forest | The Collected Short Fiction of Ali House

40 Stories from Canada's Best Storyteller! Tales to thrill, amaze, and excite: Ali House can do it all! This author has mastered every genre of story she's tried her hand at, and now -- finally -- her amazing short fiction and flash fiction is collected in one place! Including stories that tie into the Segment Delta Archives series and the Engen Universe series, this collection has something for everyone!


Title Information:

ISBN: 978-1989473313
Release Date: February 2020
Price (CAD): Print: $25 / EBook: $2.99
Page Count: 274

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“Ali House is one of the greatest authors of her generation: smart, agile, and quick with a turn-of-phrase. She shines best in her short fiction… not to be missed!”
— Matthew LeDrew, Bestselling Author of Cinders.

“House has a rare gift for reinventing the parts and elements of story. Her short tales can make you rethink anything from witches in the woods to Peter Pan’s shadow.”
— Matthew Daniels, Author of Diary of Knives.

“House has a particular gift for drawing the reader into her short fiction. Her collection is sure to delight fans of magical storytelling.”
— Amanda Labonté, Bestselling Author of Supernatural Causes.

“Ali House has shown her skill with short fiction time and time again, effortlessly switching tones and genres with an enviable ease. From humorously poking fun at genre conventions to full-grind dystopian bleakness, she wields the format like a weapon, laying waste to all around.”
— Jed MacKay, author of Black Cat: Grand Theft Marvel and Spider-Verse.


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