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Engen Books acquires eBook and Audiobook rights to the work of Bestselling Author Helen C. Escott

i am funny helen escottEngen Books is proud to announce that they have brokered a deal with Helen C. Escott for the digital media rights to her catalogue of bestselling titles, including I Am Funny Like That, Operation: Wormwood, and Operation: Vanished.

Since August 2018, Escott has risen to be the most popular, most sold, and most read author in Atlantic Canada. In that same month, Escott’s Operation: Wormwood was listed as the top selling book from Indigo’s Newfoundland locations by Atlantic Books Today.

“We’re immensely proud to have Helen C. Escott’s work on our digital media platform,” said Engen founder Matthew LeDrew. “Escott is an amazingly talented writer with a gift for the thrilling and the funny in equal measures. It’s rare that an author can swing for both those extremes and knock both out of the park so completely.”

In addition to its commercial success, Operation: Wormwood was shortlisted for the 2019 Arthur Ellis Best First Crime Novel Award.

Helen describes herself as an International Woman of Mystery and Crime Writer. She is on a one-woman crime spree in the literary world. Look for more from Engen Books and Helen C. Escott in the coming weeks and months.

“Very excited to announce that Engen Books will now be taking over the worldwide distributing of the Ebook & audiobooks for Operation Vanished, Operation Wormwood & I am Funny Like That,” said Escott. “Flanker Press Ltd. will be be the publisher of all my print books. These two amazing publishing companies have joined forces to ensure that as an author, I get a place on the literary world stage. Thank you Garry Cranford Jerry Cranford & Matthew LeDrew.”

Reviews for Helen C. Escott’s work:

“What an absolutely fantastic book! Such a clever and original idea, with thoroughly likable (and some definitely hate-able!) characters; easy to read, completely engaging – a page turner without a doubt. If I could give it 10/10 I would. I look forward to reading further work by Ms. Escott and eagerly await the release of Operation Vanished.”
— Nicole Little, contributor to Flights from the Rock and Kit Sora: The Artobiography

Operation: Wormwood is one heck of a thriller” — The Telegram


Damnation Code by William Massa | Other Indie

51U-543P1VL._SY346_Damnation Code is a 2015 supernatural thriller by screenwriter William Massa and produced by the intensely-successful small press publishing  platform Critical Mass Publishing. It stars Mark Talon, a Delta Force Operator who has spent nearly a decade as a career soldier fighting America’s enemies abroad becoming entangled in the fight against a techno-savvy supernatural death cult after his reporter girlfriend is ritualistically murdered for getting too close to their operations. This book is the first in the Occult Assassin series, of which there are currently six titles (4 main entries and 2 side-books).

This novel is the perfect blend of genre and off-genre elements that proves Massa is a gifted, intelligent author. He knows exactly how to manipulate the reader — in a good way — using the tropes and recognizable storytelling elements of familiar genres. That’s what nobody ever tells young writers: tropes aren’t a bad thing. Tropes are just elements that recur over and over again in a particular type of literature. As humans we’re very good at noticing these patterns, and using them to predict what will happen next. A smart author — like Massa — will use these tropes to subconsciously set up expectations in the reader’s mind, only to subvert them at a critical moment. And without digging too deep into spoilers, that’s what happens here.

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