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Announcing: ‘The Lightbulb Forest’ collection of short fiction!

Ali House Lightbulb ForestEngen Books is proud to announce the next book in its bestselling From the Rock series to be the first of a new spin-off series, From the Rock Presents, which will focus on recurring authors who have had their work featured in multiple collections. The first of these will premiere in early 2020: The Lightbulb Forest, the collected short fiction of Ali House.

The Lightbulb Forest will feature forty short stories collecting House’s long and storied career as one of Atlantic Canada’s most prominent genre fiction writers, including her work to date and many stories seeing print for the first time. It will feature multiple categories of short fiction, including fantasy, thrillers, drama, humor, and science-fiction.

The Lightbulb Forest will also include links to House’s ongoing series The Segment Delta Achieves.

Ali House has had a long and fruitful career, but with novels and short fiction. To date her fiction has appeared in every open-call Engen anthology, including Bluenose Paradox, Unexpected Stories, Dystopia from the Rock, Fantasy from the Rock, Chillers from the Rock, Sci-Fi from the Rock and Flights from the Rock. She has also been featured in Gathering Storm Magazine.

Be sure to mark your calendars and check out this wonderful literary event when it hits shelves!

The Stories That Didn’t Make It | House Blog

Whenever a submission call crosses my path, I usually end up with multiple story ideas. This is a good thing, because while some of these ideas work out and get developed into fully-written short stories, others aren’t so lucky.

For Chillers From the Rock, I was about ¾ of the way through a story about a writer selling their soul to the devil, when I realized that I didn’t like it very much and abandoned it. Shortly after that, I had the ideas for The Taste of Copper, based on a story my grandmother told me about living in a remote town in Northern Newfoundland, and The Deal, which came about because I was trying to think of scary concepts and came up with ‘trees’ (so spoooooky!).

My first idea for Flights From the Rock fizzled out after 1.5 pages. I put a lot of work into those pages, but I just wasn’t getting the story I wanted. Even after spending months thinking about it, it wasn’t clear enough. So, I decided to give up and concentrate on a different story.

There are a lot of unfinished stories on my hard-drive. And I mean, A LOT. Continue reading The Stories That Didn’t Make It | House Blog

“Sweet Sixteen” by Nicole Little | Short Story Winner

Bridget always felt a connection to her mother at the beach. Perhaps the rhythm of the waves caressing the shore reminded her of the rhythm of the womb; it was after all, the only memory she had of her.

Abandoned at the water’s edge, no more than a few hours old; her frantic newborn cries had attracted the attention of a pod of mermaids swimming nearby. She’d heard the story a million times: how their songs had soothed her and, how, wrapped in their gossamer tresses and lulled by the lap of the water, she’d fallen asleep in their arms. Enraptured with this tiny human, they’d persuaded Neptune to grant just one request. He had cupped the baby’s tiny feet and bestowed upon her a most precious gift. Continue reading “Sweet Sixteen” by Nicole Little | Short Story Winner

“Tarnished” by Jennifer Combden | Short Story Winner

She rounded a corner, nearly running into an unexpected dead-end. Blinking in surprise, she stood unmovingly. She couldn’t say how long she’d been trapped in this white labyrinth, as time had no meaning here. She had no need to eat, her body never changed, her teal dress never ruffled, and she never felt fatigued. So she continuously wandered, memorizing its layout, measuring time by completed circuits. However long it had been, nothing had ever changed. Until now, that is. Continue reading “Tarnished” by Jennifer Combden | Short Story Winner

“Bubbly” by Sara Burke | Short Story Winner

In the end it was probably not the best idea to ship a person across country in safety wrap, but it was certainly cheaper.

As with everything, we must start at the beginning, as She did. Every bauble and bit, meticulously made was at first a tiny thought stretched over hours, days, weeks. Her bright tousled hair danced happily with her smile as she wrapped her creations for shipment. Her hands were rough from work, but it was a labour of love. She did well, except when she didn’t. Few complained, but those few hung heavy on her heart.

Ignorance sneers, “That cost is too much!” Or “I could make that myself!” Continue reading “Bubbly” by Sara Burke | Short Story Winner

Winner: “Bubbly” by Sara Burke | Kit Sora Flash Fiction Photography Contest

After much deliberation, Engen Books is proud to announce the winner of the May 15 2018 Kit Sora Flash Fiction Photography Contest: Sara Burke with her story, Bubbly!

We received over twenty submissions for this month’s image, all of them interesting in their own right. To find the winner we used a double-blind alternate-vote method, in which no judge knew the name of the person who had written any story. Each judge then compiled a list of their own personal Top Ten picks, and each entry was assigned a point title. The lowest entries were whittled down every round until only one remained!

There were three judges for this month of the contest:

Candace-Osmond-300x300Bestselling Author and freelance writer/editor, Candace Osmond was born in North York, ON. She published her first book by the age of 25, the first installment in a Paranormal Romance trilogy to which two others were published with it; The Iron World Series. Now residing in a small town in Newfoundland with her husband and two kids, Candace writes full time developing articles for just about every niche, more novels, and a hoard of short stories. All of Candace’s titles are available wherever books and eBooks are sold! Continue reading Winner: “Bubbly” by Sara Burke | Kit Sora Flash Fiction Photography Contest

“Running” by Georgia Atkin | Short Story Winner

She woke in the dimly-lit place, her arms and face smeared with dust and grime. Her body hurt. Her head spun. Her vision was blurred. She couldn’t control her breath, inhaling and exhaling in sharp gasps.

There was a door.

She knew the door was there – she just couldn’t see it from this angle. She forced her arms to move, pushing her body upright. Her fingers encountered slippery layers of gauzy pink fabric; she was wearing a ball gown, a beautiful, obscene mockery of her grey surroundings. Continue reading “Running” by Georgia Atkin | Short Story Winner

Call for Flying Story Submissions!

Over the last three years, the From the Rock series has become one of the preeminent anthology series’ in Atlantic Canada. We have been home to some amazing established talent and helped some new authors break through that have gone on to dominate their fields, becoming genre bestsellers in their own right. From the Rock is a title readers consistently ask for, review well, and a great way for avid readers to get introduced to indie talent they might find interesting. In March 2018 the series’ third entry, Chillers from the Rock, went Bestseller on pre-orders alone!

And this year, we’re doing it again… twice!

After the colossal success of Sci-Fi from the Rock,  Fantasy from the Rock, and Chillers from the Rock, Engen Books has decided to continue the From The Rock line with a second entry in 2019: Flights from the Rock, to be available in Summer 2019. Continue reading Call for Flying Story Submissions!

Short Story: The Vicious Ones | Ali House

Let’s be honest, anything I write today will be overshadowed by the news that Chillers From the Rock is an ebook bestseller on Amazon – and I’m totally okay with that. Woohoo!

In celebration, here’s a horror story that I didn’t finish in time for submission + a tale of how it came to be. And to make it deliberately scarier, I’m posting it late at night!

*Spooky voice*  Read more, if you dare….

Continue reading Short Story: The Vicious Ones | Ali House