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‘The Love of Summer’ by Sarah Thompson debuts to incredible success

‘The Love of Summer’ by Sarah Thompson of Corner Brook, Newfoundland has debuted to incredible success in its opening 24 hours.

During the title’s preorder phase it attained Bestseller status in its category on Amazon on January 8, 2020. In the 24 hours since its initial release the novel has had nearly 5,000 page views on Kindle Unlimited, an estimated 30 copies read cover to cover at a rate of a copy read per hour. Continue reading ‘The Love of Summer’ by Sarah Thompson debuts to incredible success

Looking Ahead: Engen 2020

2019 was an amazing year with a plethora of new titles from Newfoundland’s fastest growing publisher, culminating in the release of our first Young Readers book, The Last Tree. It’s been an incredible year, but we’re here to let you know: 2020 is going to be even crazier.

We have a metric ton of titles coming out, a great deal of which we can’t even tell you about yet. But there are 15 that we can tell you about, and they’re gonna be nuts.

Sarah Thompson The Love of SummerFor the Love of Summer
Author: Sarah Thompson
Genre: LGBTQ+ Romance
Our first book of 2020 is a bold new romance from Sarah Thompson, following Summer and her journey through young adulthood to find herself, and realize that the person she’s been searching for has been her best friend all along. Check it out in January 2020! Continue reading Looking Ahead: Engen 2020