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FREE eBook – Reptilia by Matthew LeDrew

Matthew LeDrew

Bestselling author Matthew LeDrew returns to his horror roots in the terrifying new novella, Reptilia. When an aggressive new virus breaks out at a small town hospital, its up to a small team of doctors to try and figure out the source of the contagion before it’s too late!



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Release Date: October 2017
Status: Available
Book Type: EBook
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Page Count: 63

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A Boone to Pick

Chauna Deeds -- Reptilia
Chauna Deeds — Reptilia

“I loved LeDrew’s writing, and can’t help but think it would make an amazing graphic novel.” That phrase was one of the summation points of the very first review of an Engen Book, and in a way the phrase (and others like it) have followed us ever since.

“I take it as a mixed compliment,” said Matthew LeDrew, author of Cinders and Infinity. “Any compliment to our writing is appreciated: but do you like it in the format it’s in? LOL.”

Time and time again there have been talks of adapting Engen properties: there have been scripts of The Tourniquet Revival, RPG Card Games, and video games discussed at all levels of creation, but it rarely got far off the ground.

“My focus had always been the writing,” said LeDrew. “It’s where I get the most pleasure and where I feel I’m best suited.”

Well, Engen Books has finally broken its trend of adaptations regarding its properties and currently in active production of an Original Graphic Novel adapting ‘Reptilia,’ the science-fiction thriller first seen in light/dark.

“We’ve been looking to adapt our self-contained dramas for quite some time now,” said Ellen Curtis, head of submissions at Engen and author of Compendium and Exodus of Angels. “We actively look for talent at the conventions we visit. Matthew is always looking for what he calls ‘smart creatives’… people who have that creative thrust, can articulate their art, and be amazing at it all the same. We needed an amazing artist.”

Enter Ashley Boone, a mainstay of Sci-Fi on the Rock: and, as it turns out, an amazing artist.

Born in Cambridge Ontario but growing up locally on Bell Island, Boone specializes in graphic and pop art, with particular attention to the feminine form. She uses a mix of mediums to create pages, alternating between pencil and paper and a Wacom Intous. She’s been working hard for weeks on character designs (like Chauna Deeds, seen above!) and Mark Baxter.

The script is done and Boone is starting to send in pages at a rapid pace! Be sure and stay tuned for more updates and sneak peeks as 2016 rolls on! Never Look Back!