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Melanie Collins returns to print

Melanie Collins
Melanie Collins

One of the reasons for the success of the first Sci-Fi from the Rock collection in April 2010 (and the Engen Anthology program as a whole) was the skillful and powerful prose of Melanie Collins, who proved to us that there were amazing authors out there without a venue that needed a place to shine and reach their fandom.

One of the greatest heartbreaks of the last six years for Engen Books has been seeing that title, and specifically that story, fall from print. In April 2016 that error is being rectified when Melanie Collins’s fantasy masterpiece Woven by the Thief returns to the printed page as a part of our 10th Anniversary Collection.

We thank Melanie for the privilege of working with her again.

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Cover Revealed: Sci-Fi from the Rock

Sci-Fi from the Rock 2016
Sci-Fi from the Rock 2016

After keeping it under wraps for far, far too long, Engen Books is proud to reveal the cover to Sci-Fi from the Rock, the anthology collection we’ve been working on for well over a year with the helps of editors, generous contributions from other authors in the field, and artists.

This beautiful piece combining multiple mediums was crafted by Kyle Callahan of Kyle Callahan Photography. It incorporates stunning photography with stylized computer-generated art to bring the themes of classic sci-fi into the iconic landscape of St. John’s, Newfoundland.

“Kyle came to me with this amazing concept of one of the classic, long-limbed robots from 60s science-fiction coming down into the Narrows, and I know he understood instantly what we were going for,” said Matthew LeDrew, founder of Engen Books. “We’re exceptionally please with this.”

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Sam Bauer to write for Sci-Fi From!

Sam Bauer

Engen Books is proud to introduce yet another new author for our 2016 collection, Samuel Bauer!

Sam Bauer is a young writer from St. John’s Newfoundland. He gets his ideas from eating too much sugar-laden food, reading the works of H. P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe until 4 am, and transcribing the ensuing nightmares. Most, however, are unusable as they are frightening only to those who share his phobia of squirrels, spoons and the number 73. In his spare time, Sam enjoys Dungeons and Dragons, playing in the Music Collection Drumline and pillaging small villages with his band of fellow gentle, but misunderstood, Visigoths.

Sam brings with him his short story, The Locket.

Sci-Fi from the Rock welcomes Matthew Daniels!

Also joining the Sci-Fi from the Rock 2016 team is newcomer (and incredible author) Matthew Daniels!

If you attended the open-source book launch for Scott Bartlett’s Finished with Life But Unable to Die, you’re sure to remember Matthew Daniels’s short story about a woman buried alive that brought down the whole house! Writing events are great places to meet other writers and network, and we asked if he’d pen a story for our April 2016 collection right then and there!

Matthew Daniels was hatched in St. John’s, and spent many years stretching his wings between there and Labrador. Once old enough to hunt on his own, he ventured into the realm of the nerd, where he encountered such delights as Sci Fi on the Rock, Magic: The Gathering, and cake pops shaped like piranha plants set in cupcakes coloured like warp pipes. Though he cannot yet breathe fire, he did join the illustrious Sandbox Gaming. Check them out at http://www.sandboxgaming.org.

Matthew brings with him his new short story, Healer’s Hoards.

Sci-Fi from the Rock welcomes Peter Foote

In addition to established all-stars like Jay Paulin (Super Galactic Space Explorers) and Scott Bartlett (Taking Stock), April’s Sci-Fi from the Rock will feature the initial publication of several soon-to-be well-known Atlantic Canadian authors!

Bringing his short story “The Silence Between Moons,” Engen Books is proud to announce Peter Foote!

Born and raised in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, the son of an apple farmer, Peter Foote studied archaeology in university, is employed as a boiler and refrigeration operator, and runs a used bookstore out of his basement in his spare time.

Believing that an author should write what he knows, many of Peter’s stories are a reflection of his personal life.

“The Silence Between Moons” is Peter’s first published story.

Check out Sci-Fi from the Rock in print and digital formats April 1, 2016 and stay tuned for more announcements!

46 Days Left: Last Chance to See!

Sci-Fi from the Rock ReturnsThere are only 46 days left to submit your short story to the Sci-Fi from the Rock anthology title, being published by Engen Books and in cooperation with that Sci-Fi on the Rock Convention on April 1, 2016. Deadline for entry is December 31, 2015.

The amount of talent and pedigree on tap for this volume is already impressive, including a short prose story by Jay Paulin taking place in his fuzzy and expansive Super Galactic Space Explorers Universe (with ornamental by series creator Ariel Marsh), a tale by multiple-award winning Newfoundland author Scott Bartlett, a non-fiction retrospective on Sci-Fi on the Rock from the award-winning author of A Daughter’s Gift Jacqui Tam, and introducing sure-to-be fan-favorite author Erin Vance, who is introducing a new story set in an exciting new fantasy multiverse!

There will also be stories by Matthew LeDrew, Ellen Curtis, Steve Lake, Melanie Collins, Darren Hann, and an amazing new cover by the talented Kyle Callahan of Kyle Callahan Photography, the people behind those amazing photo-realistic geek-culture artwork prints that have been showing up at the last few Sci-Fi on the Rock conventions!

A new development recently leaked is that December 31 2015 also represents the “last chance to see” for the existing Sci-Fi from the Rock titles.

“The original Sci-Fi from the Rock (2010) has been out of print for some time, as one of the three authors featured wished to have their short expanded into a full novel via another publisher not long before we made the jump to an international distributor,” reminded Engen Partner Ellen Louise Curtis in an interview last Sunday. “After 2015 we will be taking More Sci-Fi from the Rock and Sci-Fi from the Rock out of active print. They won’t be available for ordering via Amazon or any of our other affiliates, and we’ll sell off the remaining stock.”

“The reason for the change is simple,” chimed in Engen founder Matthew LeDrew. “Those were wonderful volumes but much smaller, sometimes only 70 pages. We’re going to be taking most of that material, that we still have the rights to print, and it’s going to be made available in the new Sci-Fi from the Rock volume. We’re hoping that that, combined with the new material to make one mammoth volume that really celebrates 10 years of Sci-Fi on the Rock.

Got a story to tell?  We think everyone does! Especially the talented staff and attendees of Sci-Fi on the Rock! That’s why Engen Books produces the Sci-Fi From the Rock anthologies, highlighting short stories from our region, written by the staff a guests of everyone’s favorite Sci-Fi convention! This year is Sci-Fi on the Rock’s 10th Anniversary, and we’re going to ring it in in style with a new anthology celebrating the Con’s decade of history bringing science-fiction to our region…but Sci-Fi on the Rock isn’t just made possible by its staff and guests: it’s made possible by you! So between now and December 31st 2015, Engen Books will be accepting submissions for publication in the 10th Anniversary Sci-Fi From the Rock from anyone who attends the convention or wants to help celebrate its ten-year history!

Eligible entrants will be entered into a draw to win a free weekend pass to Sci-Fi on the Rock 10! And with guest like Robert Picardo, Eugene Simon, JM Frey and Kirby Morrow (plus more to come!) that’s a heck of a great prize!

Send all entries to submissions@engenbooks.com by December 31st, 2015, with the following information: Your Name, the title of your story, the genre of your story, and the length (approximate is fine). Please note: if selected we will need some further information on the author, please provide a reliable e-mail address.

For this specific collection, we’re going for an equivalent of PG to PG-13. That’s mainly because this book, more than the previous three, will be linked to the convention itself in that it’s celebrating 10 years of the Sci-Fi on the Rock convention.

Ellen Curtis appearing at Fall Craft Fair!

Ellen CurtisHello Engeneers!

This Saturday, November 14th, we will be bringing select Engen titles to the St. John’s Health Care Lion’s Club Fall Craft Fair! From 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, I’ll be at our table on the bottom floor of the Knight’s of Columbus on 49 St. Clare Avenue. Admission is only $2.00, and children under 12 get in free! It’s a great opportunity to catch up on the latest Engen titles, as well as check out other great local businesses or just stop by and chat! I can’t wait, and hope you can’t either!

Happy reading!
Ellen Curtis