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Winner: “The Glowing Lure” by Melissa Wong | Kit Sora Flash Fiction Photography Contest

After much deliberation, Engen Books is proud to announce the winner of the March 2020 Kit Sora Flash Fiction Photography Contest: Melissa Wong with the story, The Glowing Lure!

Melissa E Wong was born in St. John’s, Newfoundland; she is a librarian, journalist, copy editor, copy writer, creative writer, artist, blogger, YouTuber, and WANL writer-for-hire. She graduated with a BA(Hons) English from MUN, 2016, and received a Journalism diploma from CNA, 2019.

Melissa’s writing has appeared in The Saltwire network, The Kicker, Overcast, Newfoundland Quarterly, CBC, The Newfoundland Herald, and Engen Books. In 2016, she was one of the Visual Art winners for the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador’s Arts and Letters. Her painting, In the Pink Sky, was exhibited at The Rooms. She also received the 2017 Atlantic Journalism Gold Award.

We had four judges for this contest: Continue reading Winner: “The Glowing Lure” by Melissa Wong | Kit Sora Flash Fiction Photography Contest

Kit’s Storytime: Tavaril

3 Tavaril Kit Sora Engen BooksThis idea stems back to the fall, just after shooting week 44 in Harbour Maine! Myself, Drew & Maisy were all gathered around the island in her parents kitchen chowing down on some Goulash, and The Chronicles Narnia was on. The scene with the precious pink Dryad started, and immediately the wheels started turning. Drew must have noticed how hard I was staring at the screen, because he looked at me and said ‘Oh god, you want one, don’t you?’- Of course the answer was yes!

Within the next day or so we picked up a bunch of wire, and attempted a few different methods of wrapping the wire around one of my many bustforms to make a stable shape, that we could actually remove from the form when the time came. By the third try we had it, but it was time consuming. Drew started in on the torso, and made a base for me to add to. It was quite the process, and it was a slow one. The tips of my fingers were tender for a few days after. Once the torso was complete, I started in on an arm (I have a few of those kicking around too). Sadly, the amount of time in between starting the torso and continuing to finish the arm is a few weeks, and by then it was too late for my initial ‘farewell to summer’ concept, so we moved the wire figures downstairs to make room for other ideas. Continue reading Kit’s Storytime: Tavaril

Nalta | Kit Sora’s Storytime

Keeping it short this week!

The magic was created with a strainer, a cheese grater, and two cell phone flashlights! I balanced them on pillows on the bed, and then did a double exposure in camera for a few extra light bits! I sat in the middle of the cheese grater & the strainer, and it created this magical look!

Kit Sora: The Artobiography

A stunning, hundred-plus page hardcover collection of over 80 of Kit Sora’s most ambitious photographs, paired with short fiction inspired by the art by Canada’s best authorial talents. Includes stories by USA Today Bestselling Author Kate Sparkes, USA Today Bestselling Author Victoria Barbour, and Bestselling Author Amanda Labonté.


Winner: “To Tire of Rest” by Matthew Daniels | Kit Sora Flash Fiction Photography Contest

After much deliberation, Engen Books is proud to announce the winner of the December 2019 Kit Sora Flash Fiction Photography Contest: Matthew Daniels with the story, To Tire of Rest!

Daniels has been in every From the Rock book thus far. His story ‘Healer’s Hoards’ appeared in 2016’s Sci-Fi from the Rock, ‘Living and Learning’ in 2017’s Fantasy from the Rock, ‘Grow Gold Together’ in 2018’s Chillers from the Rock, ‘Eggshell Revolution’ in 2019’s Dystopia from the Rock, and ‘Rooftop Statistics’ in Flights from the Rock.

In December 2019 he was named a member of the Engen Books Board of Directors.

His first novel, Diary of Knives, is set for a November 2020 release from Engen Books.

We had three judges for this collection: Continue reading Winner: “To Tire of Rest” by Matthew Daniels | Kit Sora Flash Fiction Photography Contest

Ethuil | Kit Sora’s Storytime

This weeks snap was particularly fun, and it’s the first week in ages I feel like I have a truly exciting day to break down for you!

First off, the snap was based entirely around the fact that I picked up this INCREDIBLE witchy hat from The Realm of Fates Boutique at Sci-Fi, and it absolutely needed to be captured as soon as I physically could. The detail in it is exquisite, and while you can’t see it from the snaps because I always face the wrong direction, there’s a real wasps nest delicately attached to the hat, among other magical pieces. There will definitely be another shoot with this beauty, if nothing else to showcase the detail & magic that it possesses! I should also note that the necklace that I am wearing is also from the boutique, despite it not always being visible. Basically, go see them for any magical/witchy/fairy/elven/earthy request you may have! Continue reading Ethuil | Kit Sora’s Storytime

Growth | Kit Sora’s Storytime

SPOILER ALERT! For those who haven’t figured out how I did my last shot, this post will 110% give it away! I take pride in the fact that everything you see in my photos is always there, and this is no exception! I also love answering questions, and while knowing may somehow take some magic away for some, I think it’s just as magical to know what can be done with what you have! So. If you don’t want to know, now’s a good chance to skip along!

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