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Growth | Kit Sora’s Storytime

SPOILER ALERT! For those who haven’t figured out how I did my last shot, this post will 110% give it away! I take pride in the fact that everything you see in my photos is always there, and this is no exception! I also love answering questions, and while knowing may somehow take some magic away for some, I think it’s just as magical to know what can be done with what you have! So. If you don’t want to know, now’s a good chance to skip along!

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Top 9 of 2018 | Kit Sora’s Storytime

My top 9 photos of 2018!


2018 was an incredible year. I try not to set expectations for the new year, and like to just let it happen! I’ve had so many wonderful opportunities to share my photography with everyone, most recently in book form- which is insane! I’m so grateful for these amazing chances to share my passion, and this year has been wonderful for it!

My favourite moment this year of course has to be when my precious boy, my soul sister, and her precious boy and I adventured to my favourite waterfall, and they all tricked me into a mini photo shoot, when Drew so sneakily got down on one knee and asked me to be his forever- it doesn’t get much better than that ❤

While I share my favourite moments and accomplishments, please know it hasn’t all been perfect, and I don’t claim to be! My brain plays dark tricks on me often, and there have been many days I can’t pull myself off the couch. I just choose to focus on the positive, and the happy moments!

Having a mental illness doesn’t mean you are any less deserving or capable of wonderful things. Those days you get out of bed are so worth celebrating, and the plans you don’t cancel are extra special! You made it through 2018, and that’s amazing.

I’m not one for resolutions, so I’ll just say I wish everyone a kind and magical new year, and I encourage whoever reads this to share something below that you are proud of, or excited about, or even something simple you did that brought you joy in 2018, so I can read all about it and be excited with you!

Kit Sora: The Artobiography

A stunning, hundred-plus page hardcover collection of over 80 of Kit Sora’s most ambitious photographs, paired with short fiction inspired by the art by Canada’s best authorial talents. Includes stories by USA Today Bestselling Author Kate Sparkes, USA Today Bestselling Author Victoria Barbour, and Bestselling Author Amanda Labonté.


Winner: “Huntress of the Woods” by Melissa Bishop | Kit Sora Flash Fiction Photography Contest

After much deliberation, Engen Books is proud to announce the winner of the September 2019 Kit Sora Flash Fiction Photography Contest: Melissa Bishop with the story, Huntress of the Woods!

Melissa Bishop lives in St. John’s but spends a lot of time at her cabin in Georgetown, where inspiration is often discovered on woodland walks. She likes finding the magic in everyday, mostly through reading, writing, hiking and spending time with family and friends.

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Head in the Clouds | Kit Sora’s Storytime

This weeks was slightly rushed, as I had to make / shoot it on Saturday evening because Sunday was a heckin busy day! I think I actually sketched it earlier that day too!

So this was sort of a mash between ‘head in the clouds’, ‘look to the stars’, ‘light on the other side’ etc. I needed something I could create relatively fast, and with stuff already in the house. I found a sheet of cardboard (large), and literally plopped my face onto the cardboard in my living room to trace my face (both Drew and Tim were napping at this point). Once traced, I just cut out my face hole, and then glued down both lights and fluff. In the end, the lights didn’t work out quite how I had envisioned, but they’re cute enough for the one shot with Mulan Continue reading Head in the Clouds | Kit Sora’s Storytime

Duplicity | Kit Sora’s Storytime

For week 8 I was determined to get outside to shoot- I’d been going a little stock crazy, and if I’m unable to shoot outside for prolonged periods of time, no one has a good time! I also find it refreshing, and somewhat inspiring. Everything somehow looks and feels more magical when outside. I’m sure there are still a million other concepts I could come up with to shoot inside, but my heart was pulling for something outside!

I had originally planned on doing some form of giant key concept last year, however things went askew and it eventually fell onto the back burner. So, it was the perfect idea to pick up for this week! I decided Friday night that the Key was my prop, and created the base with bits found around the gallery! The tube once held canvas, and the blades are scraps from a frame! My dear coworker Chad was kind enough to trim them down for me to the perfect lengths! Continue reading Duplicity | Kit Sora’s Storytime

Winner: “Black Gold” by Ryan Hunt | Kit Sora Flash Fiction Photography Contest

After much deliberation, Engen Books is proud to announce the winner of the August 2019 Kit Sora Flash Fiction Photography Contest: Ryan Hunt with the story, Black Gold!

Ryan Hunt is an engineer from Nottingham, England who writes in his spare time. He is currently working on his debut novel, The Final Carnivore, a story about horrible people given absolute power, and those who rise to stop them. You can follow him on Twitter  @RJHuntWrites.

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Swamp| Kit Sora’s Storytime

For the first time in a while! Gosh! Drew abandoned me for Gander, and I’ve been busy shooting, editing, prepping to stand, and prepping for my own wedding! I’ve also completed artwork for an upcoming show (tonight/tomorrow @ vertical xpression actually!), shot a Mer’By’s month for the new calendar (y’all are gonna die when you see it!), attended a bachelorette, worked my regular dayjob & slept a little in between! The hecticness isn’t gonna go away anytime soon, so you get extra snaps this week to make up for the lack of updates!

This weeks image started with a sketch on the back of a gallery business card- it just came to me! Why be a mermaid when I could be a strange humanoid tentacle creature thing? Mixing it up a little is okay, right? So the same day I came up with the sketch we adventured to find POOL NOODLES, and I was determined to make them look like tentacles (They were bright orange, and more photos of that exist,… somewhere..Thanks to Louisa for the single one I have so far!~ )! I youtubed for a good while before I found something -similar- to what I wanted, and along the way it was modified! Continue reading Swamp| Kit Sora’s Storytime