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Making Family by Jennifer White | Other Indie

making_familyMaking Family is a 2016 contemporary Newfoundland novel by debut author Jennifer White and self-published via the Smashwords print-on-demand service. It tells the story of Rose, a lonely old woman who comes home one day to find a distraught teenager named Hannah, who claims to be her granddaughter, sitting on her front porch. Set in Newfoundland, this is a story of strong women. Hannah seeks out Rose when the unthinkable happens to her and she needs somewhere to turn. Her mother is unreachable and Hannah really needs a woman to talk to. Rose sets out to help her through a difficult time, but worries that Hannah will want nothing to do with her once she learns about the past – after all, it’s the reason Hannah, her father, and brother never knew that Rose was still alive. Continue reading Making Family by Jennifer White | Other Indie

“Making Family” author Jennifer White joins the Fantasy from the Rock cast!

making_familyOpportunities in Atlantic Canada bring out the best in all fields, as one of Newfoundland’s most talented new contemporary fiction authors of 2016, Jennifer White, joins genre staples such as Heather Reilly, Ali House, and Ellen Curtis!

Jennifer White has been writing since elementary school, winning many awards for her fiction. She is currently a school principal in North West River, Newfoundland.
She is married, has three children, and tries not to get too cold in the very long, Labrador winters.

Her debut novel, Making Family, is currently available through iTunes and Kobo.

She brings with her her short story Quiet Cove, which brings fantasy to a small town Newfoundland setting she writes so well.