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Rejected Covers | Ignorance is Bliss

Rejected CoverI thought it might be fun to shed some light on the creative process here at Engen Books by showing the things that didn’t make it to the production floor. It’s a truism that you can learn as much about people by what they don’t say as what they do, and I don’t think we’re any exception.

Ignorance is Bliss was the first Engen title to receive international distribution. The seven titles published before it were only available directly through us, back in the early days of small-press publishing when acquiring a distributor was difficult.  As such, the cover was a turning point for the Black Womb series: we could stay with the black & white ‘horizontal window’ look we’d been using all along because of the limitations of our first printer, or we could shift to a new design.

Those who know we I’m slow to change on such matters, so it should surprise no one that my initial impulse was to stay the course. Thus was born the cover above: which remained black & white despite our new printer being capable of color, and retained the design scheme of the first five Black Womb novels, albeit with a slightly bigger size. Continue reading Rejected Covers | Ignorance is Bliss


West Coast Con: Take 2

Ignorance is Bliss
Ignorance is Bliss

October 23rd – 24th marked the second year in a row for Newfoundland’s West Coast Con (NWCC), and Engen Books returned with more titles, more authors and more announcements!

“The convention was really great.” said Infinity author Ellen Curtis. “It’s really like a vacation for us. Out of all the cons on our circuit, this one’s the most relaxed. We had fun.”

In addition to just having a good time, Curtis and co-author Matthew LeDrew took part in several seminars, panels and groups on writing, publishing and science-fiction in general.

“I like doing regular panels as well, not just writing-related ones,” said LeDrew. “I took part in Buffy related panels both here and at Polaris this year, and they’re always fun. I loved that show, and just about anything Whedon puts out. It’s a great way to meet people with similar interests and, sometimes, get them interested in what we do.”

LeDrew’s sixth novel Ignorance is Bliss launched at NWCC, bringing Womb fans old and new in to check out the newest book in the Black Womb series: and fans were surprised with the changes.

“It’s out first book with our new distributor, Lightning Source,” explained LeDrew. “They’re a little larger, getting away from the pocket paperback size we’ve been using. They look wonderful.”

Physical changes weren’t the only difference, as fan’s got a chance to delve deeper into the mindset of Xander Drew. Tired of the beatings he’s been taking over the course of five books, Xander takes some much-needed time off… but crime in Coral Beach doesn’t go on vacation, and things quickly get out of hand.

“This is different for us in that the conflict isn’t internal, it’s external,” commented LeDrew. “It’s a good piece and I’m really happy with how it turned out. I hope people enjoy it.”

Also at the con were new Engen authors Melanie Collins, Steve Lake and Darren Hann with their book of short stories Sci-Fi from the Rock.

Engen takes the World

Ignorance is Bliss
Ignorance is Bliss

It’s October, and that means big news for Engen Books!

Not only is it our third anniversary, but we’re celebrating with two new books and the long-awaited international release of all Engen titles!

Starting on October 23, 2010 with the release of Ignorance is Bliss at Newfoundland’s West Coast Con in Corner Brook, Engen titles will be available internationally in Chapters, Barnes and Noble, Coles and more. They will also be available on amazon.com, amazon.ca, and chapters.indigo.ca.

“It’s amazing,” said Engen founder and author Matthew LeDrew. “If you’d told me three years ago we’d be here already, I would have called you crazy. It’s truly incredible. We’re excited about Ignorance is Bliss… its the sixth novel in the Black Womb series, and we’re really gearing up for some good solid stories in the next few novels. I’m really happy with this one.”

West Coast Con will feature all five Engen authors as guests, including Darren Hann, Ellen Curtis, Steve Lake and Melanie Collins.

There’s no time to celebrate though, as the very next week (October 29-31, 2010) in Halifax, Engen will launch Infinity, the first book in a new title of the same name, penned by LeDrew and fellow Engen author Ellen Curtis (Compendium).

“I’m very proud of Infinity,” Curtis said. “I think it’s the best work either of us have done. We’re preparing an exciting launch at Hal-Con. I’m hoping people will be impressed.”

To watch the trailer for Ignorance is Bliss on YouTube, click here, compliments of Justin Foley Entertainment.

Stay tuned to Engen.com for more updates and interviews.