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2013 Year-In-Review by Engen founder Matthew LeDrew

2014 fireworksWell, that was a little longer of an unintended hiatus to the updating of the website than I had originally foreseen. Take a week off and two months fly by, the nerve of it I swear. But we have still been busy, plugging away at our projects for 2014 over here at Engen Books, and while we’re excited about them all, a new year isn’t just about looking forward, it’s also about looking back on the thing’s we’ve accomplished, with an eye on both nostalgia and towards doing better in the future.

So I’m hoping to start what will be a tradition here at Engen Books.com, the Year-In-Review. Cue British nobility music. Pinkies in the air everyone, we’re not monsters.

Black Womb comes to a close

2013 marked the end of Engen Book’s original title, the Black Womb series. After seven years and ten books, the story of Xander Drew and the rest of the crowd from Coral Beach comes to a close. It happened without much fanfare, as we were in the midst of revamping the website at the time and were not updating content. The ending of the series was a choice that Ellen and I had wrestled with for some time, but it felt right after ten. Will it be the last we see of these characters? Who knows, (Spoilers: me, and definitely not) but what we’re left with are ten books that tell exactly the story I wanted to tell, and that was the whole reason I started Engen Books to begin with. Sometimes the series could be immature and sometimes I felt bad about it, but in those times Ellen would make me look at our library of authors and stable of titles and remind me: this is the house that Black Womb built.

New Engen Authors

2013 saw the addition of six new authors to the aforementioned Engen stable. Six. If you’d asked me seven years ago if we’d have six authors in total by this point, I’d have laughed at you, but that’s what we added this year alone. And I know it’s cliche, but they are all amazing in their own ways. They are: Tara Murphy, Megan Milner, Leanne Chatham-Milo, Ali House, Randi Livingstone, and one other. It was clearly an unintentional year-of-the-woman at the Engen hiring party (Kidding).

These authors produced amazing work for Sci-Fi on the Rock Returns and Bluenose Paradox, and what’s horrible is that several of them didn’t receive proper recognition. Tara Murphy was published during that website hiatus in April, and I had intended to have the site feature a news story of each of the Bluenose Paradox authors…. at which point the website didn’t get updated since November 19th. Great job.

For the record, they’re all amazing and I look forward to reading more of what they offer. That’s the real gift of running Engen Books, you never run out of great stories to tell.

Engen gets Dysfunctional

And yes… we couldn’t not mention this. Steve Lake and I started a show on YouTube called “the most dysfunctional writing podcast EVER,” and it has been. Response to it has been great and I take any opportunity to work with Steve. Anyone who can’t get enough of Steve can also hear him on the Whostorian show as well as every Monday night in the St. John’s area on the Blind Lemon Blues radio show.

The Dysfunctional Podcast will return in 2014. 😉

There’s been lots more, too much to mention. If I had time I’d just mention every fan by name, because you’re the ones who made 2013 great. I’d shout out to Amanda Evans and let her know she doesn’t have to find excuses to come around to the booth next year: just come talk. We don’t mind. I’d tell Travis Whalen and the rest of his crew from Sci-Fi on the Rock to come back and have a chat, and I’d bow to them for their great word-of-mouth campaign to get us known and hope they are keeping it up. I’d thank Ellen, who is always there for me and is currently penning the third Infinity book. I’d thank Jen Lambe for helping us make Bluenose Paradox a reality, and I’d thank Jay Paulin and his wife for making the best little girl in the world who was a wonderful dinner guest of ours one afternoon at Hal-Con.

Here’s to 2014.

Never Look Back
Matthew LeDrew, Engen Books


Engen invades Social Media

Engen Books now has pages on four of the major social media marketing sites to help spread the word about its great titles.

Pages have been added on Facebook (left), Twitter, MySpace and YouTube; each of which can provide a specific function for fans of the Engen Universe and are available from the Social Media toolbar located on the main page.

Author interviews and trailers have been available on the Engen Books YouTube for over a year now, and the Facebook page has been a part of our marketing plan from very early on.

The Twitter and MySpace accounts were added recently to round out the Social Media action plan.

“We’re excited about the plans for the social media marketing campaign.” said Matthew LeDrew, head of Engen Books and author of Black Womb and Infinity. “We want to make this an interactive experience for our fans. We’ll be logging on at least once a day to answer questions and reply to posts. In addition, we want to start an online version of the writing panels that go so well at conventions, giving short monthly assignments and feedback on work of young authors.”

Engen Books was started in October 2007 by Matthew LeDrew.

Engen becomes an official Amazon Affiliate!

As Engen continues on its road to success in 2011, it continues to forge new business plans, partnerships, and opportunities. With that in mind, Engen has become an official Amazon Affiliate!

Now offering more ways to buy your books online than the traditional Engen WebStore, all pages on the Engen site will feature links to our titles on Amazon, conveniently located in the middle of the right-hand navigation bar.

By clicking these links, readers and fans open themselves up to a variety of payment options, including Amazon gift cards, Paypal, and credit cards.

“We’re very excited about this,” says Black Womb and Infinity author Matthew LeDrew. “Ignorance is Bliss and Infinity are available now, and soon almost every Engen title will be available on Amazon. All new titles will be there as well. it’s something we’re quite proud of.”

Amazon product lines include books, music CDs, videotapes and DVDs, software, consumer electronics , kitchen items, tools, lawn and garden items, toys & games, baby products, apparel, sporting goods, gourmet food, jewelry, watches, health and personal-care items, beauty products , musical instruments, clothing, industrial & scientific supplies, and groceries.

The domain amazon.com attracted at least 615 million visitors annually by 2008, twice the numbers of walmart.com . Amazon attracts approximately 65 million customers to its U.S. website per month. The company has also invested heavily on a massive amount of server capacity for its website, especially to handle the excessive traffic during the December holiday shopping season.

Vendor Profile: BuddyToad Comics

BuddyToad Comics
BuddyToad Comics

As Engen Books grows and expands, our staff has had some unique opportunities. Through business deals, conventions and book signings; we’ve met some of the greatest authors, businessmen and people that this province has to offer. Sometimes it’s just a one-off meeting. Other times, it’s a long standing relationship. This is the case with BuddyToad Comics.

BuddyToad is a comic and sports shop dealing heavily in anime and manga, but carry a great cross section of all mainstream and independent comic titles. They also carry sports clothing and jerseys from baby to adult sizes, and have a mail order subscription service.

Over the past few years, through it’s duel locations in both Gander and St. John’s, BuddyToad has become one of this province’s foremost dealers in comics, manga and sports supplies. Now they’ve taken on another service: an Engen Books supplier as well.

BuddyToad now carries titles such as Compendium, Black Womb and Roulette, both in-store, on the road and online at http://www.buddytoadcomics.ca.

Information on Engen Books

Engen Books is an independent publishing company based out of Newfoundland, Canada. It was started in 2007 by Matthew LeDrew and is currently run by LeDrew and partner Ellen Curtis.

Our mission is to promote literary expression and the medium of literature, regardless of genre, setting, or style. We believe that when you limit an author by geography or genre you are also limiting that author’s imagination, and thus limiting what you believe that author is capable of imagining. We believe that independent authors from Atlantic Canada and the world over offer some of the best, most imaginative, most exciting, and transcendent fiction available on the market.

As one of the few publishers in the region not limited by genre, our library currently is largely made up of titles and genres that are not available anywhere else: adventure, thriller, science-fiction, and fantasy. Despite this, we are dedicated to publishing good fiction from any genre.

We are committed to encouraging other authors in the independent market  to express themselves via their art, and promote other authors via both our Other Indie series of book reviews and the From the Rock series, a yearly anthology series featuring the best of independent fiction in a specific genre. The next edition, focusing on the fantasy genre, will be available April 28 2017 and the deadline for entrants closes December 31, 2016. For full entry criteria, click here.

Anthology Authors

Andrea Edwards
Andrea Hackett

Andrea Hackett has always been told she had a wild imagination. It was only natural that as soon as she learned to write sentences that she started to put her imagination onto paper and share them with others.

She currently resides in Outer Cove with her son, step daughter, and fiancé.

Darren Hann
Darren Hann

Darren Hann grew up in the small town of Old Shop, leaving at age eighteen and moved to St. John’s / Mount Pearl, where he has resided since.
His first published story was Sci-Fi from the Rock, published in April 2010.

Steve Lake

Born and raised in St. John’s, Steve Lake was first published in 2010 with his short story Legacy of the Full Moon. He is a part of the editing team at Engen Books whose editing credits include all Black Womb books after Roulette, as well as Infinity. He has been a fan of science-fiction from a young age, including giant robots, star-ships, alien creatures, vampires, and werewolves.


Melanie Collins
Melanie Collins

Melanie Collins is a 22 year old Animal Groomer whose love of dogs and Pokemon is rivaled only by her addiction to the purest form of art: Bacon. Always having a distant interest in writing she was selfish, and as such only ever wrote for the benefit of herself and a very small group of choice friends over the years.

Mark Todd
Mark Todd

Mark Todd is a native of Devon in the West Country of England. His sole previous writing credit before More Sci-Fi from the Rock is a poem published in 1995. He currentlylives in St. Johns, Newfoundland.

Justin Foley
Justin Foley

Justin Foley is an actor and film-maker from in St. John’s. He became the editor for the Engen Bytes series of videos promoting Engen writers and artists. His first Engen writing credit was Earthdeath: Chrysalis from More Sci-Fi from the Rock .

For more information, visit the authors website.

Jay Paulin
Jay Paulin

Jay Paulin is best known for co-creating the annual charity anthology What the Wild Things Read that shines a spotlight on up-and-coming creators, many from the Maritimes, and is the founder of Ink’d Well Comics.

For more information, visit the authors website.

Sarah Thompson
Sarah Thompson

Born and raised in Grand Falls-Windsor, Sarah graduated from the journalism program at the College of the North Atlantic in Stephenville. She spent seven years as a broadcast journalist across Newfoundland and Labrador as well as for Fort McMurray, Alberta. She started writing poetry and short stories in a number of different genres at a young age. Reamers is her first published work, but only the first in a series of short stories developed around the Reamers.

Tara Murphy
Tara Murphy

Tara Murphy has worked in film and television since she moved to Toronto in 2002. She studied makeup at Complections International, and even before graduation she found employment in shops and on set.

Megan Milner
Megan Milner

Megan Milner grew up in a small town in New Brunswick, later moving to an even smaller town in southern Nova Scotia. Having to rely purely on her imagination for entertainment, she started writing at the age of 8. She currently resides in Halifax where her love for fantasy and sci-fi inspired her to start writing once again.

Leanne Milo
Leanne Milo

Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Leanne Chatham-Milo developed a love of genre very early in life thanks to the influence of her family. Writing is a new addition to her hobbies and one that she hopes to further cultivate.

Randi Livingstone
Randi Livingstone

In her reality, Randi Livingstone grew up in a tiny community and escaped to a small city by her larger than life dreams. Bluenose Paradox marks the beginning of her conviction to stop stealing from the lives of other author’s characters and start stealing from the lives of her own.