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Starting Off…

Ellen Curtis
Ellen Curtis

Engen Books is in a little bit of everything I do, or rather, storytelling is. I’m Ellen, and back in 2009 when I first handed a rough draft of my latest work to publisher and author Matthew LeDrew, I never thought my work would take off so fast.

Before I graduated from high school, I had three book launches under my belt. The last few years have seen the publication of my first short story, The Tourniquet Revival, in an assorted anthology that later spawned my solo collection Compendium. From there, Matthew and I co-wrote Infinity, and I moved into a larger role within Engen.

While doing this, I also acted as co-host for local web-series Sci-Fi on the Rock TV, a production aimed at providing information connected to the annual Newfoundland based science fiction convention Sci-Fi on the Rock. It was at Sci-Fi on the Rock that I first met Matthew at a panel about getting published.

Since that day, Matthew and I have teamed up on panels together and traveled across the country to different conventions. From a small start, Engen Books has grown to a multi-title, small-press machine, turning out work that I can say we are all truly proud of.

Essentially, through this blog I’ll be keeping people up to date on the latest goings on at Engen, and my latest day-to-day adventures. Until then, happy reading!


Sci-Fi on the Rock TV interviews Ellen Curtis

Steve Lake and Ellen Curtis
Steve Lake and Ellen Curtis

Engen Books author Ellen Curtis appeared on the internet-broadcast talk-show Sci-Fi on the Rock TV on September 18th, regarding the launch of her upcoming novel Compendium.

“We’re going to be launching Compendium this October at West Coast Con,” explained Curtis. “It’s going to be three short stories with thread ties to other Engen works. Two stories have been seen before but have been changed to better fit in the Engen landscape. There’s also a new story that we’re quite proud of, as well as a new introduction.”

Compendium was first announced a month ago turning a time of turbulent changes in Engen Books, with Curtis herself rising to become the company’s most talked-about author.

The young author has been keeping busy lately, not only writing her debut novel but also working as co-host opposite Steve Lake for Sci-Fi on the Rock TV, heading writing seminars throughout the St. John’s area and acting in Engen-centric book trailers, to be released soon.

“We’re going to be giving fans a taste of old and a taste of new,” said Curtis.

Engen author leaks on Infinity


Steve Lake, Ellen Curtis, Matthew LeDrew
Steve Lake, Ellen Curtis, Matthew LeDrew

Engen Books author Matthew LeDrew (Black Womb, Roulette) leaked information recently regarding the highly-secretive project, Infinity, while appearing on the first episode of Sci-Fi on the Rock TV.

“(Infinity) is actually a project that I’ve been working on with a gifted young author,” said LeDrew. “It’s being set in the same universe as Black Womb…. it’s our own kind of ‘mature readers’ approach to the team book. It’s going to be a lot of fun, actually.”

When asked to comment on leaking the information on the internet-broadcast program, LeDrew responded: “Oops.”

Sci-Fi on the Rock TV is produced by Hann Made Productions and features hosts Steve Lake and Ellen Curtis.