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Top 5 Valentine’s Day Read Picks: Distractions

Hey, could you all use a distraction? Well I sure could. It’s snowing like crazy here in Newfoundland and not only can I not go anywhere (for fear of never seeing my car again) but I’ve been worked to the bone this whole week prepping for Sci-Fi from the Rock 2016 and Exodus of Angels (the third Infinity book) both of which release April 1, 2016. Who thought two releases on the same day was a good idea? Me, for some reason.

Anyway, I could use a good distraction from all that. And in the spirit of the season, let’s run down my top 5 picks for the best books to stay inside with on Valentine’s Day… you know, in case the snow doesn’t stop and we all have to. 😉

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Super Galactic Space Explorers comes to Engen

Super Galactic Space Explorers volume 2Submissions for the 2016 anthology edition of Sci-Fi from the Rock are now closed! Those authors who were accepted by editors Erin Vance and Ellen Curtis have been contacted and will be announced as their contracts come in. The first announcement though, is that Sci-Fi fan favorite Super Galactic Space Explorers author Jay Paulin has brought his space-faring furious felines to the collection in a new prose story titled “Spooky’s Gambit”… with bumper art by series co-creator Ariel Marsh!

The contents of the story are closely under wraps, but fans left wanting more in the wait for Super Galactic Space Explorers vol.3 will not be disappointed.

If this is just the first announcement… what else could be in store? Stay tuned in the coming weeks to find out, and pick up a copy of Sci-Fi from the Rock this April!

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5 Comic-Book movies that should be tried, but won’t be – Distractions

I’m giving myself a Holiday present, and that present is a non-Engen characters related post. While there’s no specific rule against this (we’ve all seen Erin Vance’s terrific travel blog) I still tend to limit myself to posts revolving around the site, the novels, and the characters of Engen Books. But everyone deserves to indulge themselves this time of year a little, and this is my indulgence.

(Also it fits the theme of this blog: pondering the future of comic-book movies takes up far, far too much of my time and creative energy. Maybe writing this post can excise some of those thoughts and let me move on to more creative endeavors.)

So, these are my ideas for 5 major (or minor, in many cases) comic book movies, tv shows and original series that will – probably – never happen. But hey: you never know.

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Character Notes: Blackheart

Blackheart - art by Ariel Marsh
Blackheart – art by Ariel Marsh

One of the most enigmatic and divisive characters in the current Engen- Universe roster is Leigh Draco, otherwise known as Blackheart. One very important reason for this is her status as one of the only characters to legitimately be a mainstay of both of the longest-running Engen- Universe series: Black Womb and Infinity.

Publication schedule-wise, Blackheart first appeared in 2009’s Roulette: but this doesn’t mark her first chronological appearance. As seen in the 2012 short story Revving Engen by Matthew LeDrew, the titles Black Womb and Infinity occur at roughly the same time, meaning that while the murders that would mark Coral Beach were taking place, the young thief known as Leigh Blackheart was meeting Theo Flaherty on the streets of Los Angeles.

Beware, this article may contain spoilers.

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