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Just read ‘Whitecoat’ by Ken Tam… what now?

Sci-Fi from the Rock (2016)So you just read the Whitecoat prologue from Sci-Fi from the Rock and you’re wondering, as well you should be: what happens next? Are there other Champions? How did the world get to be this way in 1940? What am I missing? the story was amazing and I need to know!

First, calm down. This is a perfectly normal reaction… you’ve just been KenTaminated. Sadly there is no cure, but there is a treatment: The Champions series by Kenneth Tam.


WhitecoatWhitecoat by Kenneth Tam

Since 1881, Britain, Canada and the United States have been colonizing another planet. Now it’s 1940, and tensions between the world’s Empires are mounting because the English-speaking nations enjoy exclusive control over a uniquely powerful resource: genetically-enhanced humans known as ‘Champions’. Lady Alex Smith is the newest Champion, and her best friend Stephanie Shylock has joined the British Army so they can work together. Along with Sergeant Mike Strong, a veteran soldier with a colorful reputation, these two must follow in the footsteps of their famous parents, and save the world… perhaps both worlds.

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