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The Good, The Bad and The Zombie # 2

Thanks for tuning into the second edition of The Good, The Bad and The Zombie.

The Good

We are only one week away from Atlanti-Con 6. In just seven days at the Corner Brook Civic center at 5 pm the doors will open. Then the opening ceremonies will take place at 5:30 and that’s just the beginning of a great weekend. It’s going to be a wonderful con so make sure you get out and take part in the fun. We have JG Hertzler and D.C. Douglas attending this year along with fan favorites Fat Apollo and Kevin St. Pierre returning. The vendors room will be bigger and better than ever with more tables to visit. The wide range of fun and exciting panels will offer something for everyone so make sure you take the time to enjoy the ones you want to see. Make sure you bring water with you because it can be a long day and with all those people it tends to get a little warm at any convention, especially if you decide to wear your favorite cosplay. So remember come on down to the Civic Center next Friday for Atlanti-Con. Remember to have fun and respect all those around you. Cosplay does not mean consent. Continue reading The Good, The Bad and The Zombie # 2

Atlanticon Paranormal & Fantasy writing event! 11AM Saturday, Sept 16, Corner Brook!

Meet authors Amanda Labonté (Call of the Sea, Supernatural Causes) and Heather Reilly (Binding of the Almatraek) September 16 at Atlanticon!

Learn the tricks and tropes of the trade from two of the province’s leaders in paranormal and fantasy YA writing!

Special Panel for Aspiring Authors 11AM Saturday!
Brought to you by Engen Books, Reilly Books, and Atlanticon! Not to be missed!

Atlanti-Con 4: A very successful distraction

Atlanti-Con 4 swept through the city of Corner Brook this past weekend, September 25-27 at the Corner Brook Convention Center and was once again wildly successful. It is to my deep regret that I missed this event in its first two years: it’s a great con run by amazing people, and always a ton of fun that is also — somehow — quite relaxing. There’s something of a very chill vibe that I get from Atlanti-Con that I do not get at other conventions on my standard circuit: Atlanti-Con is the cool surfer-brother of the Atlantic Provinces Convention family.

While many Engen authors, including Steve Lake (author of the Full Moon series of short stories), Darren Hann (author of Time Diamond, Holy Troll, and The Imagination Journals) and Tara Murphy (author of HagRidden) all came out together along with other members of the Sci-Fi on the Rock community, myself and fellow Infinity author Ellen Curtis came out a few days earlier on September 23, carpooling with award-winning author Scott Bartlett (author of Royal Flush, Taking Stock, and Finished with Life) to stay with friend and co-author Sarah Thompson and her wife Erica Green on the west coast of the province for a few days before the convention really geared up.

Light-DarkSarah and Erica are some of my very best friends. Their wedding last year was an amazing night with laughter and friends and fun that will be remembered for years to come, and they are wonderful hosts. Sarah herself is a person of many talents, not only working as an Employee-of-the-Year-winning announcer on K-Rock and helping at the Engen booth with sales, but also penning an amazing short story for the Engen light|dark anthology, Reamers.

After a few days of fun in the surprising amount of sun, with good food and lots late nights, Atlanti-Con took full affect in its new venue, with guests that included Michael McCluskey (also known by his stage name, Fat Apollo), voice-actor Erin Fitzgerald (most famously of the Monster High series), and comic-artist/author Richard Comely.

Now I don’t fan-gush much at conventions. It is very rare that I meet a celebrity that flusters me: I tend to be of the mind that we’re all people, and that getting excited over meeting a celebrity is a little silly: your life-partner, that’s someone to get excited about meeting. But while I don’t think I was nerding too badly at Atlanti-Con, I will say that meeting Richard Comely was a big moment for me.

Captain Canuck Compendium 1975-1981For anyone who isn’t familiar with the name, Richard Comely was the creator and main creative influence on the Captain Canuck series of comic books that ran from 1975 to 1981 and formed a large part of the cultural and pop-cultural heritage and history of Canadians in that time and to the present day. The first issue of Captain Canuck sold over 200,000 copies in 1975, and was one of the first Canadian super-hero comic success stories.

To put it into perspective: that was the same year that Giant-Sized X-Men #1 came out and relaunched the X-Men with Wolverine, Nightcrawler, and the like. And even then, many mainstream comics were not hitting the numbers that Comely’s comics were.

For me personally, I remember finding back-issues of Captain Canuck in a longbox in St. Johns. I didn’t know it then in those pre-internet days of 1990, but I had found almost the entire 14-issue series in one sitting. I remember reading through each issue, and Comely editorials at the end of each one, feverishly. I’d read superhero comics for some time, but even those set in Canada had been written and produced south of the border. Something about reading Comely’s evocative stories gave me, as a Canadian, permission to write and imagine writing in that genre. The series is available now in an Omnibus (called a Compendium) that collects all 14 issues, an previously unrepresented 15th issue, and several one-shot issues leading up to the recent relaunch. Everyone should check it out.

I picked up the 1975-1981 Compendium immediately, and later Richard was interested in what he was seeing across the hall at the Engen booth and proposed a swap: the first three issues of the new series for the anthology title light/dark, which highlights many of the Engen authors. A very good trade. Artist Kevin Kendall and I ended up getting in a bit of a nerd-off competition for who could get more Captain Canuck merchandise, as we’re both big fans.

Black WombSpeaking of Kevin Kendall, Atlanti-Con also was host to some of the best artists in the province, including Kevin’s Kendallight Studios and Kyle Callahan from Kyle Callahan Photography. Both do amazingly detailed work in very different ways, and the body of their work is often stunning. Atlanti-Con is always great for building connections and relationships: I met Kevin at a Convention on the West Coast in 2009, and he ended up doing the cover art for the revamped international edition of Black Womb for us. Keep your ears open for more collaborations between Engen and Kendallight Studios in the future, as well as with Kyle Callahan Photography.

Engen Books sold well as always, with the new-to-the-West-Coast Cinders and Infinity being the best sellers. We can’t wait to start getting feedback from the wonderful, creative people we met at Atlanti-Con this year: art isn’t art without input from the viewer!

Here’s to another great year at Atlanti-Con next year! Special shout-out to Scott Bartlett for driving this year and getting the three of us there (and back) safe and sound in an environmentally-friendly way! 🙂

Never Look Back!

Big Engen Books News!

Ellen CurtisHey all, Ellen here! It’s been a looooong time since I’ve blogged or been super present in online Engen activities. That is about to change though! Put on the kettle, and let’s settle down with a cuppa and catch up!

I was blessed to begin my publishing career at a very young age; Infinity was published when I was 16. Getting a formal education to prepare me for a career in writing was still important to me despite this success, and so I pursued a Bachelor of Arts in English language and literature from Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Pursuing my education has been, at times, very frustrating. There have been many moments over the past four years where I have felt that my education has been a detriment to my attempts at pursuing my writing career. The sheer amount of time consumed by my studies left me with very few hours in the day to write fiction, and when I was able to write I often felt that I was ignoring other priorities in my life.

School was my first priority, and to support that I needed a day job, which had to be my second priority. Sheer exhaustion prevented me from focusing on much else, including my health. There are only so many times you can spend sleepless nights researching and studying, say “screw the gym” when you’re too tired to go the next day, and pick up a bag of chips and a chocolate bar on the way home as ‘fuel’ before heading to work and repeating the cycle before all of it catches up with you. I’m goal oriented to a fault; in my pursuit of my education I let the rest of my life fall to the wayside.

Continue reading Big Engen Books News!

The Amazing Atlanticon!!

atlanticon trailerAtlanticon 3 took place on September 26, 27, and 28 2014 at the Memorial University Grenfell Campus in Corner Brook Newfoundland, to great success. With amazing attendance including fans, actors, authors, and cos-players, the convention was a fun, amazing weekend for all involved.

Headlined by Robert Axelrod (the voice of Lord Zedd and Finster from the classic Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers) and joined by Cara Nicole, Alfred Trujillo, and award-winning author of Royal Flush and Taking Stock Scott Bartlett, the convention was also attended by a plethora of Engen Authors, including Steve Lake and Darren Hann (Sci-Fi from the Rock Returns), Sarah Thompson (author of light|dark), Ellen Curtis (author of Compendium, Infinity, and the Tourniquet Reprisal) and Black Womb author Matthew LeDrew.

“Amazing weekend out at Atlanticon,” tweeted St. John’s native Ellen Curtis. “It’s been too long since Engen Books was in Corner Brook and we are definitely looking forward to returning next year!” To see more tweets from Curtis, follow her @ellen_louise_

“Well done by all involved, the Corner Brook crew really put off a great show,” said Steve Lake, author of the Full Moon series of vampire=detective short stories. “Thanks again to Jeff Keeping and the gang… now it’s just eight months until [the next] Sci-Fi on the Rock!” Follow Steve @stylinsteve.

“The convention was really well organized, and Corner Brook is a beautiful city,” said Matthew LeDrew, author of the 10-book Black Womb series, The Long Road, Infinity, and The Tourniquet Reprisal. “There’s something about what Jeff Keeping and his crew have accomplished out here that’s truly amazing. More than any other convention, this one seems less about nerding-out (not that there’s anything wrong with that) or an orgy of commerce (not that there’s anything wrong with that either) and more about a bunch of like-minded individuals being provided a venue to get together and share their art. Jewlery, craft, sketching, painting, food, authorship, modeling, spoken-word… all were represented here, and represented well. Definitely Atlanticon will be for Corner Brook what ComiCon has become for San Diego: less an event as it is a welcomed part of the culture of the city.”

And of course, you can’t get that many Engen Authors together in one place without things becoming Dysfunctional! The Most Dysfunctional Writing Podcast Season 2 has officially begun and was filmed live during a Sunday 2pm to 3pm timeslot. Though attendance was slow during the third day at the con, those that attended were engaged and asked wonderful questions, which we answered (a little too functionally, at some points) by Sarah Thompson, Steve Lake, Ellen Curtis, and Matthew LeDrew.

Look for it on the Engen YouTube soon, along with new Top Ten lists every Tuesday and From the Writing Desk installments every two weeks!

Atlanticon 3, September 26-29 2014!!

atlanticon trailer

ATLANTI-CON is a sci-fi / fantasy / comics / gaming and anime convention being held in Corner Brook in September 2012.

The First Annual ATLANTI-CON was held in September, 2012 with an overall participation of approximately 600 people.

A second convention, held at Grenfell Campus in September 2013l, was such a success with nearly 1000 people in attendance!

Planning is now underway for a THIRD and LARGER festival to be held on the 26th – 28th of September at Grenfell Campus!

Featuring Robert Axelrod, Steve Lake, Cara Nicole, Alfred Trujillo (who was mistakenly omitted from the video even though I remembered to draw an avatar for him — sorry!) Darren Hann, Sarah Thompson, Ellen Curtis, and Matthew LeDrew!

Click the image above for a trailer! 🙂

Reporting live from Atlanti-Con!

The first-ever Atlanti-Con happened (and is still happening) this weekend at the Greenwood Inn and suites in Corner Brook Newfoundland; and Engen Books was there to celebrate!

Hann and Lake were there celebrating the release of their newest collection of shorts More Sci-Fi from the Rock.

Darren Hann and  Fat Apollo
Darren Hann, author of Time Diamond and Holy Troll , along with self-proclaimed man-of-the-year Fat Apollo.
Steve Lake and Dale Jarvis
Steve Lake (author of Legacy of the Full Moon) with actor Dale Jarvis.

“It’s great catching up with old friends, seeing people that I haven’t seen in a while, seeing the vendors and booths setup and everyone having a great time,” said Lake. “Jeff and Matt and their team have done an amazing job setting this up, the panels so far have been great, the dealers room is well stocked and the food in the pub is really good.”