Slipstreamers | A Dimension-Hopping Adventure!

After months of teases, hints, and subtle nods, Engen Books is finally ready to announce its latest blockbuster project: Slipstreamers!

Slipstreamers will be a monthly series of novellas written by new authors JD Ryot and a revolving list of guest co-authors, comprised of some of the best authors on the planet: USA Today Bestsellers, National Bestsellers, Award-Winners, and some of the best talent we’re curated over the years from the From the Rock collections of short fiction.

You didn’t hear that wrong: we said monthly. New stories every month in this dimension-hopping sci-fi action adventure that’s described as “Sliders meets Indiana Jones!”

The series stars Cassidy Cane, a 28 year‐old archeologist, anthropologist, and adventurer. She travels the globe searching for lost ruins and ancient artifacts, while holding down a professorial position at Plainsfield University, in Plainsfield, Massachusetts.

When Cassidy is approached by aging physicist Dr. Herbert Gamgee, her life changes forever when he reveals to her he’s discovered gateways to other worlds: fixed locations that act as bridges between realities and can take the traveler nearly anywhere. Cassidy helps Gamgee to explore these strange new worlds to find cures and technology that can help save her home world!

We’ll be announcing authors for individual titles as the year presses on, but over thirteen amazing authors are hard at work to bring you thrills and adventure like no other series, delivered straight to your doorstep or eReader every month!

Not to be missed, stay tuned for more details!

Slipstreamers, Cassidy Cane, and JD Ryot copyright © 2020 Engen Books.

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