Sarah Thompson

Sarah ThompsonSarah Thompson is a former radio broadcaster and journalist from Grand Falls-Windsor, NL.

She was first published in the Engen Books compilation light|dark in 2010 with the science fiction story ‘Remers.’

Sarah currently owns and operates her own dinner theatre business for which she writes the shows, including Leroy’s Diner, Going to the Chapel, and, I’ll Be Home For Christmas.

She is a big fan of the community theatre scene and can often be found performing or directing with the Off Broadway Players. Sarah lives with her wife and dog, Roger, in Corner Brook, Newfoundland.

The Love of Summer is her first novel.

Sarah Thompson The Love of SummerThe Love of Summer by Sarah Thompson

The Pitch: Kerri Walters had a normal life until she met Summer Donnelly. She had just turned 18 in the small community of Jenkinstown when new neighbours moved in next door, including Summer. The pair become inseparable and it soon becomes clear to Kerri that there is more happening than just a friendship. Will Kerri hide her feelings from her best friend? What will happen if Summer finds out how Kerri feels?

thirdeditionLight-Dark by Erin Vance
Series: Infinity (prologue)Coral Beach Casefiles (prologue)

The Pitch: Ten short stories that shine a light into unseen corners of the Engen Universe! Tense thrillers like The Tourniquet Revival, which sees Kat Smith alone against a cultist kidnapper, and Reptilia, a modern-day rollercoaster ride with zombie-like hoards descending upon a remote town! See the secret link between Infinity and Black Womb in Revving Engen, a YA tale centered around a shy New England youth named Nick Carry. See the suspenseful first appearance of Scarlett, the Engen Universe’s resident monster hunter, and get a dark glimpse into the possible future of the Engen Universe with Remers.

Sure to have something to excite and impress any reader!

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