The Last Tree

Engen Books is proud to announce the publication of its first Young Readers novel, The Last Tree by Michelle Churchill. This astonishing book tells the story of Gus, a young boy living in a fantasy world but unsure of his place in it. Through his adventures with pirates, mermaids, and spectacular creatures, Gus will try on different roles and find his place in the kingdom. But will he be able to do it before the falling of The Last Tree?

Featuring stunning art by acclaimed comic book artist Ariel Marsh, this incredible story is in the final stages of production and will be ready for the Christmas season. It is the perfect gift for Young Readers (10-13) or anyone with a love of whimsy and the fantastical.

Michelle Churchill has wowed audiences with her short fiction, including Leopold’s Cherubs Princes and Candles in the Tree. She won the August 2018 Kit Sora Flash Photography Fiction Prize for her story ‘Unicorn,’ and was featured heavily in Kit Sora: The Artobiography, a collection of art photographs and accompanying short fiction. The Last Tree is her first novel.

The Last Tree — Churchill & Marsh

This lovely book will be enjoyed by all who read it with a welcome heart. In the beginning, only three trees grew in the forest. It was said that when the first tree fell, the first humans of Impardia appeared. From the branches and berries of the second tree came the elves, and that tree too fell. Then there was the last tree. The tree of the faeries. Some say that one still stands, deep within Impardia’s forest. But most of Impardia has long forgotten about the elves and the faeries, as the kingdom has long been unknowingly divided, shrouded by a veil. With a single act of kindness, Augustus sets off on a journey that might just reunite the kingdom of Impardia once more.


The Last Tree copyright © 2019 Michelle Churchill. Published by Engen Books.
Images by Ariel Marsh.

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