Pedestal | Gareth Mitton


In a future where the rich and privileged live in sprawling megacities stacked high above the now-squalor surface cities below, a third layer of reality tempts in rich and poor alike.ALTS – Alternative Immersive Environments – offer a means of escape both for those above and below.


Title Information:

Release Date:May 15 2020
Page Count:278

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“Asimov, Bradbury and Clarke may have laid the foundation, but we’ll always need visionaries and creators – essential for the future. Gareth Mitton is both of these things.”
— The Miramichi Reader.

“Astonishing science-fiction in the tradition of Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, and Neal Stephenson. Pedestal does what all great hard science-fiction aims to do: presents an amazing idea and then examines it to its fullest potential, and from all angles. A return to a Golden Age. Not to be missed.” — Matthew LeDrew, Bestselling author of Infinity.

“Mitton, undoubtedly, is a talented writer. With a few simple words I felt as though I were in the scene myself; it is an immersive experience to read this book. It’s comment on society’s insatiable thirst for technology and the journey we embark upon in this quest for further advancement leads us to the question, can we rise with it or will it ultimately lead to our downfall? My brain has been whirling with this ever since I finished it.” — Nicole Little, author of The Lotus Fountain.



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