The Authors speak: Darren Hann and Steve Lake

Darran Hann - Engen Bytes
Darran Hann – Engen Bytes

This weekend saw the release of the first in a new series of webisodes from Engen Books, titled (appropriately) Engen Bytes.

The series was created by Engen founder Matthew LeDrew to help give fans sneak peeks into upcoming projects, as well as delve deeper into the creative minds of our authors and editors.

The inaugural episodes featured interviews with two authors from the upcoming Sci-Fi from the Rock, launching in April. Darren Hann spoke extensively on his story Time Diamond, while Steve Lake teased about the nature and tone of his short, Legacy of the Full Moon.

“It’s not set inside the Engen Universe,” commented Lake during the interview. “But of all the stories [ in the volume] it fits the best, I think.”

Sci-Fi from the Rock is a collection of short stories from three new Engen authors, and launches this April 17-18th at the fourth annual Sci-Fi on the Rock convention at the Holiday Inn in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Engen reveals 2010 events calendar

After a short holiday hiatus to draft and edit the newest books in all your favorite series’, Engen Books is back online and revealing its plans for 2010.

2010 promises to be a big year for Engen, announcing new titles and new authors, as well as the return of all your favorite series’ from the last three years.

“This year is a big leap forward for us, and a big step forward in our ‘Never Look Back’ credo,” explained LeDrew, CEO and founder of Engen Books as well as author of the Black Womb series. “We’re changing the way we do business, while still staying true to what made us great to begin with. Our business plan for 2010 is very exciting.”

See below for a month-by-month rundown of the year’s events.


April 17th and 18th sees our return to Sci-Fi on the Rock! This we be our third consecutive year at the convention, and it promises to be among their best yet, with guests such as Tony Amendola (Stargate SG1, Dexter), Nalini Krishan (Star Wars), Mike Savva (Doctor Who, Batman Begins) and Casey Biggs (Star Trek)!

Engen authors Ellen Curtis will also be present, as well as fellow writers / artists Dwain Campbell and Kevin Woolridge!

More than just an average convention, this year’s Sci-Fi on the Rock sees the launch of two new Engen Books.

Saturday April 17 will see the launch of Ghosts of the Past, the fifth novel in the Black Womb series. LeDrew has stated in interviews that this will be the darkest novel of the series thus far, but also one of the best.

Sunday April 18 sees the release of Sci-Fi from the Rock, an anthology collection from the men and women behind the convention itself! Inside are three groundbreaking stories by Melanie Collins (Woven by a Thief), Darren Hann (The Time Diamond) and Steve Lake (Legacy of the Full Moon)!


July 16-18, 2010, Engen authors Matthew LeDrew, Ellen Curtis and Darren Hann will be present for Polaris 24!

After establishing a presence at last year’s con, Engen hopes to come back and make it even bigger this year with more titles and more authors! LeDrew will be signing books and hosting panels again this year, after the highly successful turnout last year!

Many authors will be in attendance, but none should be as well to Engen readers as Iceberg authors Kenneth Tam and Wes Prewer, authors of too many series’ to name between them.

“I’m looking forward to working with Ken again, as always,” remarked LeDrew. “Anyone who knows me or has read the dedication to any of my books knows how highly I regard him, and how important his involvement was to the formation of Engen. The whole Iceberg team is amazing. Wes, Jaqui, Peter, Charles… it really wouldn’t be Polaris without them.”


Officially the busiest month in Engen history.

In addition to celebrating our third anniversary on October 15th, Engen staff members will be present for not one but two landmark conventions in October 2010.

The first is Newfoundland’s West Coast Con in Corner Brook, taking place October 23-24, 2010. The Con is in its second year and will feature double the guests, double the books and double the fun with actors Paul Kennington (Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, Sherlock Holmes) and Peter Roy (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, James Bond) attending, as well as all five Engen authors!

NWCC2 will also feature the launch of the newest book in the Black Womb series, Ignorance is Bliss, and give fans a first sneak peak at Infinity.

Speaking of Infinity, it gets launched the following weekend, October 29-31 in Halifax at the first Hal-Con!

With a slew of authors, actors, and artists attending this groundbreaking convention, Matthew LeDrew was bestowed a rare and special honor: the author Guest of Honor.

Joining him will be Sci-Fi on the Rock alum Jeremy Bulloch (Return of the Jedi), as well as Walter Koenig (Star Trek TOS) and Denise Crosby (Star Trek TNG, Dexter), as well as many others.

Comics artists attending include Michael Golden and Joe Jusko, while the author lineup again reunites Engen with Kenneth Tam, as well as David C. Rhind and Sandra Staple.

So, that’s it! An amazing year for Engen authors already, and we have yet to pencil in book signings and other events. Keep your eyes on this website for further updates, and Never Look Back!

Ghosts of the Past: Unveiling Engen secrets

Ghosts of the Past
Ghosts of the Past

Over the past four months, details have been slowly leaking about the newest chapter in the Black Womb saga: Ghosts of the Past.

Leaks began on September 10th when series author Matthew LeDrew appeared on the internet-broadcast Sci-Fi on the Rock TV.

“At the (Sci-Fi on the Rock IV) convention we’re launching Ghosts of the Past.” said LeDrew. “It’s probably going to be our darkest one yet. We’re actually a little bit worried about it. This is definitely one where younger fans should beware.”

After that interview LeDrew remained tight-lipped on the subject of Ghosts while preparing for the launch of Roulette and Compendium, but is now ready to open up on what’s in store for 2010.

Ghosts of the Past is going to reveal secrets about Engen that could only now come to light. There are forces at work against Xander and his friends that he doesn’t see coming… and I doubt the readers are either.”

With promises that this book will shake-up the Engen status quo, be sure to pick up Ghosts of the Past, on sale this April from Engen Books!

Vendor Profile: BuddyToad Comics

BuddyToad Comics
BuddyToad Comics

As Engen Books grows and expands, our staff has had some unique opportunities. Through business deals, conventions and book signings; we’ve met some of the greatest authors, businessmen and people that this province has to offer. Sometimes it’s just a one-off meeting. Other times, it’s a long standing relationship. This is the case with BuddyToad Comics.

BuddyToad is a comic and sports shop dealing heavily in anime and manga, but carry a great cross section of all mainstream and independent comic titles. They also carry sports clothing and jerseys from baby to adult sizes, and have a mail order subscription service.

Over the past few years, through it’s duel locations in both Gander and St. John’s, BuddyToad has become one of this province’s foremost dealers in comics, manga and sports supplies. Now they’ve taken on another service: an Engen Books supplier as well.

BuddyToad now carries titles such as Compendium, Black Womb and Roulette, both in-store, on the road and online at

‘Compendium’ a smash hit at Chapters!

Ellen Curtis signing at Chapters
Ellen Curtis signing at Chapters

This Saturday saw a major Engen event right at home in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

After a busy 2009 touring schedule, the Engen team comes home for Ellen Curtis’ first solo book signing at Chapters (70 Kenmount Road) to promote her new book, Compendium.

“I was astounded at the success,” said Curtis. “We sold out so quickly, and the overwhelming amount of people who where interested in what Engen had to offer was amazing. I’m so glad we got to meet and talk to so many great people.”

Compendium sold out their stock at Chapters within minutes, prompting the popular chain to double their order of the collection. It’s currently in stock again and available for the rock-bottom price of $5.99.

Compendium was released in October by Engen Books and features three of Curtis’ short stories, including The Tourniquet Revival and At Midnight, the Dawn.

Infinity authors revealed!

Matthew LeDrew and Ellen Curtis

The author of the upcoming Engen novel Infinity was released today on the internet-broadcast television show Sci-Fi on the Rock TV.

Matthew LeDrew was interviewed as a part of their episode dedicated to the guests and staff of Newfoundland’s West Coast Con.

Host Steve Lake was commenting on having enjoyed the latest Engen release, Compendium by Ellen Curtis; to which LeDrew responded:

“We’re definitely going to see more from Ellen. Because, well… uh… well, now’s as good a time as any. We were so impressed with how well Compendium did that we’ve decided to launch the first book in the Infinity series which will be co-author by both myself and Ellen Curtis.”

When asked for further details about the project, LeDrew mentioned that it’s being looked at as the flagship series for Engen, containing work by both its main authors; as well that it would “remain in the same ‘universe’ as Black Womb, while not being tied to it.”

When asked for comment, Ellen Curtis herself said that: “Infinity is shaping up to be Engen’s most epic story yet. Working with Matt has been an amazing experience so far, and one I look forward to continuing”

Special Report : Newfoundland West Coast Con

Even the Empire likes Compendium
Even the Empire likes Compendium

Engen Books was present for a historical event that took place on October 24th and 25th in Corner Brook: the very first Newfoundland West Coast Con.

Engen was out in full force the entire weekend, signing books and leading seminars along with actor Paul Weston (Return of the Jedi, Space 1999) and film producer Darren Hann (Star Wars: Inner Demons, Stargate: Replication).

“It was an amazing weekend,” said LeDrew. “Every time we do a convention it’s a lot of fun, but I find when you do a inaugural one there’s a lot of energy and a lot of comradery. It really was a great weekend.”

Book Launch: Compendium

Engen pulled out all the stops and did a double book launch on Saturday, October 24th. Emcee’d by Sci-Fi on the Rock founder and all-around science fiction guru Darren Hann; the event was the perfect place to launch Ellen Curtis’ debut novel, Compendium.

Engen fans old and new arrived to purchase the new title, excited about the new author. Curtis read from her short story The Tourniquet Revival to enthralled listeners and stayed afterward to sign copies.

Compendium resulted in almost half our sales for the entire weekend,” gushed Engen founder Matthew LeDrew. “We’re really excited about what this means for Compendium and for Ellen’s future with Engen Books.”

“I had a lot of fun,” said Curtis. “Darren was a great host and people seemed to like my work. It was my first convention, and I had a blast.”

Book Launch: Roulette

matt readsThe second half of Saturday’s book launch consisted of the fourth book in the Black Womb series, Roulette.

The novel features the continuing adventures of Xander Drew, Mike Harris and Cathy Kennessy as they meet new horrors both at home and abroad, taking their show on the road to L.A.

“This book is a big stepping stone in Black Womb history,” says LeDrew. “I think people will respond well to it. People have been responding well to it, so far.”

Writing Seminars

As with every convention, there are loads of writing seminars designed to help potential authors that Engen loves to participate in. NWCC was no different, holding versions of the popular Writer’s Toolkit, Get Published! and Writer’s Circle workshops that have made previous conventions so successful in locating fresh talent.

Ellen Curtis led a new addition to our seminar lineup, entitled The Art of the Short Story; chronicling how she puts so much story into a smaller page count in the breakthrough novel, Compendium.

New Engen Vendor

Also at the con, BuddyToad comics, one of the provinces leaders in the comic shop / science fiction market, became an official vendor of Engen Books.

BuddyToad’s main office is located in Gander, but they are at the Avalon Mall in St. John’s every Sunday and are available there to purchase copies of all five Engen titles! More on this in the weeks to come!

Ellen Curtis and Paul Weston
Ellen Curtis and Paul Weston

All said, NWCC was one of our most successful conventions yet, with an average of 1 in 5 attendees purchasing an Engen Book! We hope to be back next year with more titles, more authors and more action!

Never Look Back!