Titles by Matthew LeDrew

Matthew LeDrew is the author of 23 works published through Engen Books and its partners, including solo novels, co-operative novels, and short-form stories.

Author – Sole Contributor

webJacobi Street by Matthew LeDrew
Series: Engen Universe

The Pitch: Veteran horror-scribe Matthew LeDrew returns to his suspenseful roots in Jacobi Street, the thrilling new novel that takes readers into the darkest corners of the Engen Universe.

Bob had a normal life, one of many struggling artists vying for critical attention in the competitive district called Jacobi Street, until the day a mysterious unnamed painting showed up at the gallery he worked at. Since that day more and more people have been disappearing, and the captive audience trapped within the painting keeps growing…


Black WombBlack Womb by Matthew LeDrew
Series: Black Womb, #1

The Pitch: Fifteen years ago, something happened in Coral Beach, Maine that resulted in the death of a seventeen-year-old boy today. Now four high-school students must try to solve a mystery almost two-decades old… before the killer picks them off one by one.

Transformations in PainTransformations in Pain by Matthew LeDrew
Series: Black Womb, #2

The Pitch: When two girls are assaulted and one is hospitalized, the residents of Coral Beach must put their shared tragedies behind them and stop the man responsible, as well as unlock the secrets behind the true nature of the Black Womb…

Smoke and Mirrors coverSmoke and Mirrors by Matthew LeDrew
Series: Black Womb, #3

The Pitch: The approaching execution of Adam Genblade brings closure to the men and women of Coral Beach… until people start showing up dead in the same manner they did when he was at large. Now his victims are forced to keep him alive in order to get their answers… or accept that it may not have been him to begin with.

Roulette (black Womb series, 4)Roulette by Matthew LeDrew
Series: Black Womb, #4

The Pitch: As the teen suicide rate in Coral Beach starts to climb astronomically fast, Xander travels to Los Angeles to fight his most terrifying adversary yet… and learns that the only thing worse than looking for release… is finding it.

Ghosts of the Past (Black Womb, # 5)Ghosts of the Past by Matthew LeDrew
Series: Black Womb, #5

The Pitch: Black Womb’s story continues as the town of Coral Beach faces its most awesome threat when one of Engen’s past mistakes is unleashed upon the unsuspecting populous. Friends and enemies unite to fight a common enemy… but will even that be enough?

Ignorance Is Bliss (Black Womb, # 6)Ignorance Is Bliss by Matthew LeDrew
Series: Black Womb, #6

The Pitch: Black Womb’s story continues in Black Womb: Ignorance is Bliss. After being set through the ringer one too many times, Xander decides that his personal life with Julie Peterson needs a little more attention… which is bad news for Coral Beach, because a new villain has come to town with his sights set on one person: Adam Genblade.

BecomingBecoming by Matthew LeDrew
Series: Black Womb, #7

The Pitch: For months Xander Drew has been doing his level best to keep the streets of Coral Beach clean, and now it’s time for the forces of darkness to strike back… all at once.
Be there for the single worst day of Xander Drew’s life. There are some things that nothing can prepare you for..

Inner ChildInner Child by Matthew LeDrew
Series: Black Womb, #8

The Pitch: In the wake of the Tee’s attack on Coral Beach, Julie Peterson is hospitalized with life-threatening wounds to both body and soul. But the real threat comes from the hospital walls themselves, as a demonic presence makes itself known to Xander and his friends.

Gang WarGang War by Matthew LeDrew
Series: Black Womb, #9

The Pitch: The Tees, an homicidal gang evil men, has finally been taken down by Xander Drew. But his victory is short lived, as retired Tees are killed one by one. With a town full of suspects, anyone can be the culprit… including one of their own.

ChainsChains by Matthew LeDrew
Series: Black Womb, #10

The Pitch: The Black Womb series comes to its shocking — and suspenseful — conclusion in “Chains.” Sociopath Derek Smith has been freed from prison and is roaming the back alleys of Coral Beach praying on the weak, and none are weaker than August Styles: a pregnant girl with Down Syndrome who has run away from home. Complicating matters further is the revelation that Xander does not have the control over his animal side he thought he did, and that perhaps the lines that divide his dueling natures are not as clear as he would have hoped.

The Long RoadThe Long Road by Matthew LeDrew

Series: Black Womb (epilogue), Xander Drew (prologue), Infinity (related)

The Pitch: While on his journey of self-discovery he meets the American people — the real American people, not the ones he grew up learning about in class, and realizes that the world doesn’t work the way it does in his small town back home. The real world is harsh and wicked, but can also be soft and gentle — even loving. Xander Drew comes of age on the road, and sets his new direction.

Cinders (Xander Drew, #1)Cinders by Matthew LeDrew
Series: Xander Drew, #1

The Pitch: Thomas Horton is a good cop. Focused and unyielding, he has one of the highest solved-case rates in Los Angeles, a city with the highest unsolved murder rate in the whole of the United States. Despite his record, his resolve is questioned by the appearance of a young man named Xander Drew: a man equally as focused and determined, but who refuses to operate within the confines of the rigid California legal system.

When the egos and obsessions of both men collide, Horton enters a violent and dangerous world he didn’t know existed beneath the veneer of order and structure that he has based his entire deductive method around, forcing both men to question everything they knew… until they are both threatened to be dragged down to a place where everything burns, until all that are left, are Cinders.

Sinister Intent (Xander Drew, #2)Sinister Intent by Matthew LeDrew
Series: Xander Drew, #2

The Pitch: Thomas Horton was a good cop. Faced with early retirement as a result of his affiliation with the secretive and sometimes violent vigilante named Xander Drew, he tries to settle into civilian life: but there remain three unsolved cases from when he was on active duty. The facts of these three unsolved cases still keep him up at night.

Now in the short time since he left his position, one of the killers he could not catch has resurfaced: a serial killer who flaunts his sinister intent in front of the Los Angeles Police Department for all to see, making it so that no one is safe. Unable to convince the rest of the LAPD of the connections between the two cases, Horton must again ally himself with Xander Drew, entering in a game of quid-pro quo in exchange for information about a dangerous gang-lord. Without the badge to shield him, can Horton’s moral certainty survive another encounter with Xander?

Author – Multiple Contributors

InfinityInfinity by Ellen Louise Curtis and Matthew LeDrew
Series: Infinity, #1

The Pitch: Faced with a destiny he’s uncertain of, the enigmatic Victor must bring together four unique people with very special abilities… or face the tasks ahead alone. Guaranteed to excite!


The Tourniquet ReprisalThe Tourniquet Reprisal by Ellen Louise Curtis and Matthew LeDrew
Series: Infinity, #2

The Pitch: There is a man living in Atlanta Georgia that people don’t talk about, but everyone knows he’s there. He arrived a year ago and turned a gaggle of uneducated and uninterested youth into a force to be reckoned with; something to fear more than any demon or violent act: something new.

Exodus of AngelsExodus of Angels by Ellen Curtis and Matthew LeDrew
Series: Infinity, #3

The Pitch: Theo returns to the mental institution called Black Springs to help a young girl who has been trapped there while at the same time hunting for a cure for the beleaguered Leigh Blackheart. At the same time, Victor and Jaycee Victor and Jaycee venture to a palliative care unit in Los Angeles which holds a dark secret. Exploring themes of responsibility, the bounds of friendship, and assisted suicide, this installment is not be be missed.

Dark Tower_Kendall09Questing the Dark Tower by Matthew LeDrew
Series: Engen Academia, #2

The Pitch: An essay examining the concept of Stephen King’s Dark Tower as it applies to Derrida’s theory of the Pharmakon, and how that then in turn applies to other works of fiction, such as ‘The House on Mango Street,’ ‘Goblin Market,’ ‘Fables,’ and more.

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Short Form – Fiction

 light dark, anthology, engen universe, coverLight-Dark by Matthew LeDrew, Ellen Curtis, Jay Paulin, Sarah Thompson, & Andrea Hackett
Series: Infinity (prologue), Black Womb (prologue)

The Pitch: Ten short stories that shine a light into unseen corners of the Engen Universe! Tense thrillers like The Tourniquet Revival, which sees Kat Smith alone against a cultist kidnapper, and Reptilia, a modern-day rollercoaster ride with zombie-like hoards descending upon a remote town! See the secret link between Infinity and Black Womb in Revving Engen, a YA tale centered around a shy New England youth named Nick Carry. See the suspenseful first appearance of Scarlett, the Engen Universe’s resident monster hunter, and get a dark glimpse into the possible future of the Engen Universe with Remers.

Sure to have something to excite and impress any reader!

More Sci-Fi from the RockMore Sci-Fi from the Rock by Steve Lake
Series: Sci-Fi from the Rock, #2

The Pitch: Five new stories from Newfoundland’s best in science-fiction literature. Featuring stories by Darren Hann, Mark Todd, Justin Foley and Matthew LeDrew, plus the new sequel to the 2010 hit Legacy of the Full Moon, Vengeance of the Full Moon by Steve Lake. Pick up your copy today, you won’t regret it!

Sci-Fi from the Rock ReturnsSci-Fi from the Rock Returns by Steve Lake
Series: Sci-Fi from the Rock, #3

The Pitch: Nine new stories from Newfoundland’s best in science-fiction literature. Featuring stories by Darren Hann, Mark Todd, Tara Murphy, Jay Paulin and Matthew LeDrew, plus the new sequel to the 2010 hit Legacy of the Full Moon, Shadow of the Full Moon by Steve Lake. Pick up your copy today, you won’t regret it!

Sci-Fi from the Rock (2016)Sci-Fi from the Rock by Erin Vance & Ellen Curtis
Series: From the Rock, #2016

The Pitch: Nineteen short stories written by an eclectic mix of some of the best science-fiction and fantasy authors in Atlantic Canada, some of them award-winning veterans and some of them new to the craft for the first time. Edited by Erin Vance and veteran science-fiction author Ellen Louise Curtis, this collection features the heartfelt, creatively charged, astonishing fiction that showcases the talent and charm Atlantic Canada has to offer. Featuring the work of Kenneth Tam, Scott Bartlett, Jay Paulin, Alison House, & many more!

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Short Form – Non-Fiction

What the Wild Things ReadWhat the Wild Things Read by Jay Paulin
Series: Ink’d Well Charity Books, #1

The Pitch:



Ellen Louise Curtis

Ellen Curtisellencurtis@engenbooks.com

Ellen Curtis was born and raised in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Her aptitude for the written word began at a young age, when she began filling paper with stories and other scribbles. Those scribbles eventually began to make more sense, and in 2008 she published her first collection of short stories. Since then, she has gone on to co-author the Infinity series with Matthew LeDrew, amongst her other literary endeavours.

Ellen earned her Bachelor of Arts from Memorial University of Newfoundland in 2015, and was under the illusion that completing her studies would mean she would have more free time. In reality, it simply means she does more reading, albeit for work. When she actually does find a spare moment, she enjoys spending time near the ocean nursing an espresso and daydreaming about the day she can fill her home with the happy bleating of Pygmy goats.

Matthew LeDrew

Matthew LeDrewmatthewledrew@engenbooks.com

Matthew holds an Honours Degree in English from the Memorial University of Newfoundland with a minor in Anthropology and studied Journalism at College of the North Atlantic in Stephenville, Newfoundland. He has worked with Transcontinental Publishing as well as student-youth magazine The Troubadour.

He has written sixteen novels for Engen Books, Black Womb, Transformations in Pain, Smoke and Mirrors, Roulette, Ghosts of the Past, Ignorance is Bliss, Becoming, Inner Child, Gang War, Chains, The Long Road, Cinders, Sinister Intent, Infinity, The Tourniquet Reprisal and Exodus of Angels.

Since 2007 he has traveled all over Canada promoting his work as well as teaching seminars on writing and publishing. He also helps young Newfoundland authors become published through Engen Books.

Anthology Authors

Andrea Edwards
Andrea Hackett

Andrea Hackett has always been told she had a wild imagination. It was only natural that as soon as she learned to write sentences that she started to put her imagination onto paper and share them with others.

She currently resides in Outer Cove with her son, step daughter, and fiancé.

Darren Hann
Darren Hann

Darren Hann grew up in the small town of Old Shop, leaving at age eighteen and moved to St. John’s / Mount Pearl, where he has resided since.
His first published story was Sci-Fi from the Rock, published in April 2010.

Steve Lake

Born and raised in St. John’s, Steve Lake was first published in 2010 with his short story Legacy of the Full Moon. He is a part of the editing team at Engen Books whose editing credits include all Black Womb books after Roulette, as well as Infinity. He has been a fan of science-fiction from a young age, including giant robots, star-ships, alien creatures, vampires, and werewolves.


Melanie Collins
Melanie Collins

Melanie Collins is a 22 year old Animal Groomer whose love of dogs and Pokemon is rivaled only by her addiction to the purest form of art: Bacon. Always having a distant interest in writing she was selfish, and as such only ever wrote for the benefit of herself and a very small group of choice friends over the years.

Mark Todd
Mark Todd

Mark Todd is a native of Devon in the West Country of England. His sole previous writing credit before More Sci-Fi from the Rock is a poem published in 1995. He currentlylives in St. Johns, Newfoundland.

Justin Foley
Justin Foley

Justin Foley is an actor and film-maker from in St. John’s. He became the editor for the Engen Bytes series of videos promoting Engen writers and artists. His first Engen writing credit was Earthdeath: Chrysalis from More Sci-Fi from the Rock .

For more information, visit the authors website.

Jay Paulin
Jay Paulin

Jay Paulin is best known for co-creating the annual charity anthology What the Wild Things Read that shines a spotlight on up-and-coming creators, many from the Maritimes, and is the founder of Ink’d Well Comics.

For more information, visit the authors website.

Sarah Thompson
Sarah Thompson

Born and raised in Grand Falls-Windsor, Sarah graduated from the journalism program at the College of the North Atlantic in Stephenville. She spent seven years as a broadcast journalist across Newfoundland and Labrador as well as for Fort McMurray, Alberta. She started writing poetry and short stories in a number of different genres at a young age. Reamers is her first published work, but only the first in a series of short stories developed around the Reamers.

Tara Murphy
Tara Murphy

Tara Murphy has worked in film and television since she moved to Toronto in 2002. She studied makeup at Complections International, and even before graduation she found employment in shops and on set.

Megan Milner
Megan Milner

Megan Milner grew up in a small town in New Brunswick, later moving to an even smaller town in southern Nova Scotia. Having to rely purely on her imagination for entertainment, she started writing at the age of 8. She currently resides in Halifax where her love for fantasy and sci-fi inspired her to start writing once again.

Leanne Milo
Leanne Milo

Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Leanne Chatham-Milo developed a love of genre very early in life thanks to the influence of her family. Writing is a new addition to her hobbies and one that she hopes to further cultivate.

Randi Livingstone
Randi Livingstone

In her reality, Randi Livingstone grew up in a tiny community and escaped to a small city by her larger than life dreams. Bluenose Paradox marks the beginning of her conviction to stop stealing from the lives of other author’s characters and start stealing from the lives of her own.