The Amazing Atlanticon!!

atlanticon trailerAtlanticon 3 took place on September 26, 27, and 28 2014 at the Memorial University Grenfell Campus in Corner Brook Newfoundland, to great success. With amazing attendance including fans, actors, authors, and cos-players, the convention was a fun, amazing weekend for all involved.

Headlined by Robert Axelrod (the voice of Lord Zedd and Finster from the classic Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers) and joined by Cara Nicole, Alfred Trujillo, and award-winning author of Royal Flush and Taking Stock Scott Bartlett, the convention was also attended by a plethora of Engen Authors, including Steve Lake and Darren Hann (Sci-Fi from the Rock Returns), Sarah Thompson (author of light|dark), Ellen Curtis (author of Compendium, Infinity, and the Tourniquet Reprisal) and Black Womb author Matthew LeDrew.

“Amazing weekend out at Atlanticon,” tweeted St. John’s native Ellen Curtis. “It’s been too long since Engen Books was in Corner Brook and we are definitely looking forward to returning next year!” To see more tweets from Curtis, follow her @ellen_louise_

“Well done by all involved, the Corner Brook crew really put off a great show,” said Steve Lake, author of the Full Moon series of vampire=detective short stories. “Thanks again to Jeff Keeping and the gang… now it’s just eight months until [the next] Sci-Fi on the Rock!” Follow Steve @stylinsteve.

“The convention was really well organized, and Corner Brook is a beautiful city,” said Matthew LeDrew, author of the 10-book Black Womb series, The Long Road, Infinity, and The Tourniquet Reprisal. “There’s something about what Jeff Keeping and his crew have accomplished out here that’s truly amazing. More than any other convention, this one seems less about nerding-out (not that there’s anything wrong with that) or an orgy of commerce (not that there’s anything wrong with that either) and more about a bunch of like-minded individuals being provided a venue to get together and share their art. Jewlery, craft, sketching, painting, food, authorship, modeling, spoken-word… all were represented here, and represented well. Definitely Atlanticon will be for Corner Brook what ComiCon has become for San Diego: less an event as it is a welcomed part of the culture of the city.”

And of course, you can’t get that many Engen Authors together in one place without things becoming Dysfunctional! The Most Dysfunctional Writing Podcast Season 2 has officially begun and was filmed live during a Sunday 2pm to 3pm timeslot. Though attendance was slow during the third day at the con, those that attended were engaged and asked wonderful questions, which we answered (a little too functionally, at some points) by Sarah Thompson, Steve Lake, Ellen Curtis, and Matthew LeDrew.

Look for it on the Engen YouTube soon, along with new Top Ten lists every Tuesday and From the Writing Desk installments every two weeks!

Atlanticon 3, September 26-29 2014!!

atlanticon trailer

ATLANTI-CON is a sci-fi / fantasy / comics / gaming and anime convention being held in Corner Brook in September 2012.

The First Annual ATLANTI-CON was held in September, 2012 with an overall participation of approximately 600 people.

A second convention, held at Grenfell Campus in September 2013l, was such a success with nearly 1000 people in attendance!

Planning is now underway for a THIRD and LARGER festival to be held on the 26th – 28th of September at Grenfell Campus!

Featuring Robert Axelrod, Steve Lake, Cara Nicole, Alfred Trujillo (who was mistakenly omitted from the video even though I remembered to draw an avatar for him — sorry!) Darren Hann, Sarah Thompson, Ellen Curtis, and Matthew LeDrew!

Click the image above for a trailer! 🙂

YouTube loves us, baby!!

Popular YouTuber It’s May Again (itsmayagain) has shared her love of all-things Engen via her recurring book review segment : Bookworm.

On July 11th, she reviewed Matthew LeDrew and Ellen Curtis’s Infinity.

“[In the poker scenes], there is so much stress,” said May. “I felt like there was a lot of pressure that didn’t even need to be said. I was weighted down with the unspoken dread of what was going on. It was terribly stressful… but also very good. I enjoyed the card games thoroughly… There’s a little bit of an obstacle for each character in this novel, so it’s not just one major conflict, there’s a bunch. It’s constantly going, and it kept me going through the book, and it was awesome. I think that’s really ambitious.”

Don’t wanna take our word for it? Check out the videos yourself via the links below! Be sure to comment and rate! 🙂

The Engen Books Postcard Review winner announced !

ChainsThe winner of the 2014 Engen Books Postcard Review contest has been randomly selected, and it’s St. John’s native Peter Smith!

For those unaware, during Sci-Fi on the Rock 8 we had a very special promotion, in which everyone who bought one of our novels got a postcard featuring the cover art from . an Engen Book. Recipients were informed that if they mailed the postcard back to it and we received it by June 30th, 2014, they would be entered in a draw to win a $25 gift-card from Tim Hortons. The only caveat: the back of the postcard had to have a review of an Engen title (any Engen title, not just the one they had purchased).

The review would then be featured on our website for the applicable title.

The review could be positive, negative, or a mixture of the two: it just had to fit on the back of the postcard in its entirety.

“There was a professor at my University that used to get his students to write their essays on the backs of postcards as an excessive in getting their points across in few words,” explained Matthew LeDrew. “The idea came from that, I always thought it was a cool idea.”

Smith chose to review not just one title, but the Black Womb series as a whole. His postcard reads:

When I first read Black Womb I never expected to be so engrossed in its chilling tale of horror, and Xander’s troubled life as the Black Womb. I love how real the story is, in not having its hero leap over any conflict without any trouble. It was a great series and it is on my list on my top 10 book series’s, fighting for first place with Harry Potter.

Thanks Peter, we appreciate your readership and your time! This review will be added to the reviews section for Chains, the final book in the Black Womb series, as it deals with the series as a whole. Thank you again, and happy reading!

Other feedback we received due to the contest includes:

OK so I just finished Chains. Wow, you’ve outdone yourself. I loved every second of it. The subtlety was palpable. No ovaries stealing or child killings or mass rape-murders… but still almost as gruesome, on a psychological and moral scale, which was beautiful to watch play out. You really captured the feeling of “broken” a broken protagonist, and town. The elm was a great metaphor (for Cathy I feel). The moral debate of a down syndrome girl being able to have a child, scaring a child so an innocent (?) man can walk free. And Coral Beach really didn’t seem to care. Even after Calla was found dead, the lack of focus on people’s reactions, and the subdued reactions of the protagonists, you really got the feeling of being…tired. “The poor girl killed herself, but at least she wasn’t butchered by one of 3 serial killers.” A down syndrome girl pregnant, school principal a pedo and murdered…no one cared. After SO much death and chaos. People don’t care. Can’t care. They’re broken. The curse of Coral Beach has one out in the morale battle. Bravo. Also seeing the boundary between Xander and the true Womb break down, or rather, slowly be absorbed, resignation, the idea that he himself is the monster, even if his friends cannot see it. And THAT ENDING. A whimper, as you said in the afterwards, was perfect. I loved it. The ONLY thing I can’t figure out is…why is Coral Beach so messed up?? I will have to go back through the books…but anyway my friend. Well done, I can’t wait to read The Long Road and for the next series to get underway.


Black Womb: five stars, super awesome and super gory! 🙂

Engen rocks Sci-Fi on the Rock 8!

The Long RoadWell, this was a long time coming.

On May 23rd, 24th, and 25th 2014, the Engen-crew of authors once again embarked on their yearly trip to St. John’s Newfoundland for the Eighth Annual Sci-Fi on the Rock convention. Every Sci-Fi on the Rock is a special event to the City of St. John’s: what started 8 years ago as a small cult following of fans lead by Darren Hann has become the ultimate in Geek Chic for the province, a three-day celebration of what it is to be a Newfoundland Nerd.

The convention consists of near-round the clock movies, trivia contests, gaming tournaments, lectures, fan-expos, and cos-playing. The event isn’t all fun-and-games though, and has become the go-to place in the province to make connections on collaborative works such as indie comics as with Ariel Marsh of Super-Galactic Space Explorers, meet and learn from professional authors such as Paradise native Scott Bartlett, or attend stunning and thought-provoking lectures by experts in their field, like Dr. Chistopher Lockett’s lecture on all things Tolkien.

As they have been for the last seven years, Engen Books was out in full force with four of its authors in attendance; including Matthew LeDrew ( the Black Womb series & The Long Road), Ellen Curtis (the Infinity series and Compendium), Jay Paulin (light|dark) and Steve Lake (the Full Moon series).

The weekend saw the released of Matthew LeDrew’s latest book, The Long Road, which bridges the Black Womb series (which ended with its tenth book, Chains, released at last years Sci-Fi on the Rock) and its sequel series The Xander Drew series, which is tentatively slated to begin publication in the fall. The Long Road is a book of short stories, in which each story is a different point along the road as Xander Drew makes a life-altering trek from small-town Maine to the big city of Los Angeles, California.

“It’s time for Xander to get out of Coral Beach and interact with the larger Engen Universe as a whole,” said series-creator Matthew LeDrew. “To grow up and stop being stuck in the same thought patterns that small towns can foster. He needs new challenges and new risks in order to remain fresh and interesting, and to grow as a character.”

What this means for the rest of the cast of the previous series is currently unclear, and is not fully explained at the start of the collection. LeDrew was heard explaining to one fan that the new series will be “sans a supporting cast.” When asked to elaborate, LeDrew claimed that in the new series Xander would be alone, and that that would make him “more dangerous” than he’s ever been before.

Also premiering to the excitement of Black Womb fans this weekend was the new international edition of Transformations in Pain, easily the most controversial and polarizing Engen book thus far. This novel follows the international release of Black Womb in October 2012. The next book set for re-release is Ghosts of the Past, with the remaining two Black Womb books to follow soon-after.

Also returning was the Most Dysfunctional Writing Panel Ever, consisting this time of Ellen Curtis, Jay Paulin, and Matthew LeDrew. The four answered questions for a packed room, ranging from topics a varied as dealing with writer’s block to how to prepare a manuscript for publication. Plans had been made to film the panel discussion as the season premiere of the second season of the popular YouTube program, but conflicts between it and Steve Lake’s popular Geek Survivor made filming impossible. New episodes are to begin filming soon.

The Long Road | A collection of stories by Matthew LeDrew

The Long RoadThe Long Road
Matthew LeDrew (Author)
After a terrible event causes young Xander Drew to run away from home, he embarks on a mission to hitch-hike across the United States — first trying to hide who he is, and then later trying to find out exactly what that is.
While on his journey of self-discovery he meets the American people — the real American people, not the ones he grew up learning about in class, and realizes that the world doesn’t work the way it does in his small town back home. The real world is harsh and wicked, but can also be soft and gentle — even loving. Xander Drew comes of age on the road, and sets his new direction.

Title Information:

ISBN: 978-1926903200
Release Date: May 2014
Price (CAD): Print: $20 / EBook: $2.99
Page Count: 312

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