Matthew LeDrew


Matthew LeDrew holds an Honours Degree in English from the Memorial University of Newfoundland with a minor in Anthropology, and studied Journalism at College of the North Atlantic in Stephenville, Newfoundland. He was honoured to be a jury member of the 2018 NLBA awards.

He has written twenty novels for Engen Books: the ten book Coral Beach Casefiles series, The Long Road, Cinders, Sinister Intent, Faith, Family Values, Jacobi Street, Touch Your Nose, Infinity, The Tourniquet Reprisal, and Exodus of Angels the latter three of which with co-author Ellen Curtis.

He lives in St. Johns, Newfoundland.

Since 2007 he has traveled all over Canada promoting his work as well as teaching seminars on writing and publishing. He also helps young Newfoundland authors become published through Engen Books.

Dystopia from the Rock Family Values Matthew LeDrew Xander Drew Touch Your Nose Matthew LeDrew
Kit Sora: The Artobiography Chillers from the Rock Faith
Reptilia Matthew LeDrew The Theogony Matthew LeDrew Jacobi Street, Matthew LeDrew, cover
Black Womb, Habeas Corpus, cover The Dark Tower, Academic, Matthew LeDrew, Kevin Kendall art Exodus of Angels, cover, Infinity, Matthew LeDrew, Ellen Curtis
Sci-Fi from the Rock 2016 Sinister Intent Matthew LeDrew Cinders Matthew LeDrew
The Long Road 10_Chains The Tourniquet Reprisal
light dark, anthology, engen universe, cover 09_GangWar 08_InnerChild
07_becoming Infinity (Ellen Curtis, Matthew LeDrew) 06_Ignorance
05_Ghosts 04_Roulette2 03_Smoke
Transformations in Pain Black Womb Coral Beach Casefiles Kit Sora Black Womb Matthew LeDrew Coral Beach Casefiles


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