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light | dark: an anthology of short fiction

light | dark

Ten short stories that shine a light into unseen corners of the Engen Universe! Tense thrillers like The Tourniquet Revival, which sees Kat Smith alone against a cultist kidnapper, and Reptilia, a modern-day roller-coaster ride with zombie-like hoards descending upon a remote town!


See the secret link between Infinity and Black Womb in Revving Engen, a YA tale centered around a shy New England youth named Nick Carry. See the suspenseful first appearance of Scarlett, the Engen Universe’s resident monster hunter, and get a dark glimpse into the possible future of the Engen Universe with Remers.

With links to Infinity, Black Womb and Compendium, it is a book that no Engen fan or sci-fi fan can be without!

Title Information:

ISBN: 978-1-926903-06-4
Release Date: April 2012
Price (CAD): Print: $25
Page Count: 343

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“When a writer can consistently take the feelings and experiences of everyday life and translate them into an imaginary world, we have great fantasy .”
The Northeast Avalon Times, January 2010

“The usage of descriptions really pulled me into the settings. I think atmospheric would be an appropriate adjective. All well-written stories trigger the senses, but sometimes it takes a few pages or even chapters before the brain is able to create a world based around the information provided… in Compendium I found that after a few paragraphs I had been whisked away to [other] worlds.”
Jay Paulin (Ink’d Well Comics), November 2010

“[At Midnight the Dawn] held me from beginning to ending. In fact, it reminds me of Maurice Level’s horror fiction.’”
John Robert Colombo, Colombo & Company, July 2010

“Better than Black Womb.”
Steve Lake, Sci-Fi on the Rock TV, October 2009

“If her short stories (and they are very short) are this enjoyable, then I can’t wait to see what a full-length novel will bring.”
February 13, 2013

“[Speaking about Falling into Fire] This was my favourite of the three stories because of the idea and how it began… The pacing and tone are much more suiting of a short story and the action kept me turning the pages.”
Jenna Harve, Paper Droids, December 1, 2013

“Very visceral, lots of excitement and just the right amount of gore for my tastes.”
Charles O’Keefe, The Newfoundland Vampire, March 06, 2013

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