Legends & Tales | Christopher Walsh

Legends & Tales | Christopher Walsh

Four tales of adventure wait within these pages to take the reader into a time before the events of As Fierce as Steel. Join Lady Orangecloak and The Thieves as they stage a daring daylight protest, journey to the far reaches of Gildriad with a team of adventurers as they try to solve the mysteries of the Known World, and enter the heat of battle when the Dwarves of Dhalla are tested by a human menace.


Legends and Tales is the first collection of short stories by Christopher Walsh, writer of The Gold & Steel Saga fantasy series. The four stories collected here paint a stunning portrait of his literary world that is sure to delight anyone who enjoys action packed, adventurous stories, whether you are new to his work or are a regular reader of his series.

For fans of fantasy and adventure, this is the book to buy!

Also includes: Chapter 1 of Volume 2 of Gold & Steel: The Worth of Gold. First time in print!

Download each amazing story individually:
Stealing back Freedom
The City that Hid from Time Itself
In Defence of Our Home Part One
In Defence of Our Home Part Two

Title Information:

ISBN: 978-0994023674
Release Date: October 2018
Purchase: Amazon.com
Price (CAD): Print: $25 / EBook: $2.99
Page Count: 244

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“An amazing continuation and expansion of the world!”
— Matthew LeDrew, Coral Beach Casefiles.

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