Gold and Steel Saga

Gold and Steel Saga

Legends And TalesLegends & Tales by Christopher Walsh
Series: Gold and Steel

The Pitch: The third heir of an unhinged, ruthless religious fanatic family unleashes his devoted cult army on the entire continent, hoping to seize power by domination. Having already run through the west coast of Illiastra, the followers of Valdarrow set their sights on the stronghold city of the Dwarves: Dhalla. With a brutal horde headed their way, the Chieftain clans of Goldenhair and Snowbeard must ready soldier and citizen alike for what may come. Most of all, they must prepare themselves to risk all to save dwarvenkind itself.

ENGEN As Fierce As Steel SOFTCOVERAs Fierce as Steel by Christopher Walsh
Series: Gold and Steel, #1

The Pitch: As Fierce as Steel is the inaugural entry into the world of Gold & Steel, a new fantasy series from Canadian author, Christopher Walsh. It is centered around the lives of two women, those of the Lady Orangecloak and Lady Marigold Tullivan. One is the leader of a brave group of young men and women in open rebellion of their government. The other was born into that patriarchal world and destined for greatness, as a trophy wife, a fate she will do anything to alter.

As Fierce as Steel introduces those characters and that of other men and women of the nation of Illiastra and beyond, who all have aims on seeing a new day dawn in their country. Look into a world on the cusp of its own industrial era, filled with robust characters of all walks of life as they navigate adventures and drama on their road to a new Illiastra.

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