Gang War | a Novel by Matthew LeDrew

Gang WarGang War
Matthew LeDrew (Author)
In this pulse-pounding addition to the Bestselling Superhero series, Xander Drew, Cathy Kennessy, and Mike Harris must rely on the wit and cunning they’ve developed to unravel the mystery of a new vigilante serial killer who is taking aim at the gang members incarcerated in Coral Beach. But when evidence begins to point to someone in their own friend circle being behind the crimes, whose side will Xander choose? And will his choices split his team apart?
Also: what do the sinister machinations of the genetic engineers that have manipulated Xander since the beginning have to do with everything unfolding?
Download the thrilling book that readers proclaim is “shocking” today!

Title Information:

ISBN: 978-1-926903-07-1
Release Date: April 2012
Price (CAD): Print: $20 / EBook: $2.99
Page Count: 172

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“The events of Gang War have been brewing for a long time in Coral Beach. Xander, Mike and Cathy have grown tremendously since the series started and so has LeDrew’s writing. This book keeps the pages turning as you race toward the exciting conclusion of Gang War.”
Paul Carberry, bestselling author of: Zombies on the Rock

“LeDrew’s work is horror that emerges from the urban fantasy tradition — the introduction of a fantastical element into a true-to-life, modern setting.”
The Telegram, Aug 13, 2010

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