Flights from the Rock

Flights from the Rock

27 short stories celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the first Trans-Atlantic Flight! Stories by wonderful bestselling authors as well as new talent, and edited by Erin Vance, Lisa Daly, and Ellen Curtis!


Announcement: Preorders are now finally open for the latest From the Rock collection: Flights from the Rock! Including the work of some of the best storytellers in Atlantic Canada as well as brand new talent (and a magical cover by Kit Sora) this book is guaranteed to bring with it the whimsy and grace of early aviation!

Launching at the historic Admiralty House during their summer-long flights exhibit, this book is not to be missed!

Focus at this launch will be on preorders! To make sure there’s a copy for you on launch day, order today! Books will be available for pickup after July 14 launch!

Join authors Ali House, Paul Carberry, JRH Lawless, Michelle F Goddard, John Burnham, Sara Burke, Shannon Green, Sherry D. Ramsey, Jennifer Shelby, Matthew Daniels, Heather Reilly, Peter Gillet, Amanda Labonté, Paul Moffett, Jennifer Combden, Jeff Slade, Bronwynn Erskine, Peter J. Foote, Lindsay Kitson, Stacey Oakley, Teresita Dziadura, Nicole Little, Carolyn R Parsons, Lisa Daly, Ellen Curtis, & Erin Vance for the 2019 Flights on the Rock collection! Stay tuned for further updates and Never Look Back!

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