Engen Romance

Engen Books produces some of the best and most well-written, thoughtful romance fiction available on the market today! From the contemporary realism of London Calling to the fantastical espionage of Touch Your Nose, there’s something for everyone with a heart with Engen Romance.

touchebTouch Your Nose by Matthew LeDrew
Series: Engen Universe

The Pitch: Simon Monk is a spy living a lie in San Francisco, struggling to maintain his cover as he attempts to infiltrate one of the largest companies on the Eastern seaboard: Shane International. Using his tech and his contacts and his cunning, Simon will get closer to some sinister dark secrets than anyone ever has… and possibly lose it all after a careless romantic slip.

How long can a man pretend to be someone else without losing who they are?

Buy the book that reviewers rave: “seductive potboiler that pulls you in and leaves your head spinning”!

londonLondon Calling by Chelsea Bee

The Pitch: Olivia Williams used Shakespeare’s timeless words to comfort herself through childhood sexual abuse, disordered eating, and a toxic relationship. She thought a summer studying in London in the legendary Globe theatre would be the healing learning experience she always longed for. Surrounded by new friends, beautiful culture, and budding romance, Olivia knows her life is about to change. She doesn’t expect this, though.

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