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Engen Books produces Bestselling Horror, Thriller, and Chiller novels and short stories. Our first publication was the thrilling YA murder mystery Black Womb, which has since spawned 13 sequels, and the blockbuster Zombies from the Rock series from Paul Carberry.

In 2018 Engen Books produced the Chillers from the Rock anthology, which went Bestseller a full 10 days before its release from preorders alone. In late 2018, Engen will publish After Dark Vapors, a thrilling werewolf novel centered around a dark Newfoundland backdrop. Look for it in time for Halloween 2018!

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Starving smallThe Starving by Jon Dobbin
Series: Weston’s War

The Pitch: Something evil grows in the heart of Colorado. Bill Weston was a man of the West. He knew it – its land, its people, its stories. It was where he plied his trade, hunting men for money. His life wasn’t easy, but it was predictable. That all changed when he captured Faraway Sue and he was led on a trip through the Colorado forests

Island of the DamnedZombies on the Rock: Island of the Damned by Paul Carberry
Series: Zombies on the Rock

The Pitch: It is a chilling future, in which Zombies have taken over… only a small island remains relatively safe. When a supply run goes outside the safe zone, who will survive?

Dystopia from the RockDystopia from the Rock by Erin Vance & Ellen Curtis
Series: From the Rock, 2019A

The Pitch: This collection showcases the talent, imagination, and prestige that Canada has to offer. From stories of censorship gone awry to sentient buses, global warming to corporate-branded culture, this collection has it all!

Family Values Matthew LeDrew Xander DrewFamily Values by Matthew LeDrew
Series: Xander Drew, #4

The Pitch: In this thrilling mystery, Xander and his new friends Crowley, Lisa, and Tim investigate a series of kidnappings and murders that stretch back decades, all of which have the same similar twist: victims being found after years of being missing.

Meanwhile, a strange series of murders has brought an FBI agent from Tim’s past into town. Can Xander protect those he loves while uncovering the truth behind these crimes?

After Dark Vapours Brad DunneAfter Dark Vapours by Brad Dunne

The Pitch: Werewolves and a dark family secret in Northern Labrador! Growing up without his father, Tyler had no way of knowing the horrible secret that has plagued his family for generations. To free himself and find the cure, he will have to look beyond himself and into his dark history.

Chillers from the RockChillers from the Rock by Erin Vance & Ellen Curtis
Series: From the Rock, 2018

The Pitch: This collection features the thrilling, creatively charged, astonishing fiction that showcases the talent, imagination, and prestige that Atlantic Canada has to offer.
Featuring the work of Paul Carberry (Zombies on the Rock), Kelley Power (Winner of the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts and Letters competition), Matthew LeDrew (Coral Beach Casefiles, Infinity, Xander Drew), Ali House (The Six-Elemental), an introduction by Dale Gilbert Jarvis, & much more!

FaithFaith by Matthew LeDrew
Series: Xander Drew, #3

The Pitch: In this thrilling murder-mystery conspiracy novel, Xander’s war with the malevolent mob boss Stephen Fields attracts unwanted attention in the form of Engen, the sinister corporation that gave him his special abilities at birth.

Although Xander has isolated himself from others to keep from being manipulated, Engen pulls in characters from his once dormant past to try and regain control of his life and power. Can Xander overcome some of the most powerful minds on Earth to finally be free of their influence?

003Zombies on the Rock: The Viking Trail by Paul Carberry
Series: Zombies on the Rock, #2

The Pitch: Zombie hoards created by the evil Pharmakon company have taken over the world, including the one place that always thought it was safe from the calamities of the outside: the quiet, scenic shores of Newfoundland’s west coast. In this horrifying second volume, the island survivors of the zombie massacres believe they are safe, settled away in a cabin far off the grid: but nothing can stop the spread of the undead, as the zombies make their way to the historic Viking Trail, where even more terror awaits…

webJacobi Street by Matthew LeDrew
Series: Engen Universe

The Pitch: Veteran horror-scribe Matthew LeDrew returns to his suspenseful roots in Jacobi Street, the thrilling new novel that takes readers into the darkest corners of the Engen Universe.

Bob had a normal life, one of many struggling artists vying for critical attention in the competitive district called Jacobi Street, until the day a mysterious unnamed painting showed up at the gallery he worked at. Since that day more and more people have been disappearing, and the captive audience trapped within the painting keeps growing…

Sinister Intent Matthew LeDrewSinister Intent by Matthew LeDrew
Series: Xander Drew, #2

The Pitch: Thomas Horton was a good cop. Faced with early retirement as a result of his affiliation with the secretive and sometimes violent vigilante named Xander Drew, he tries to settle into civilian life: but there remain three unsolved cases from when he was on active duty. The facts of these three unsolved cases still keep him up at night.

Zombies on the Rock, Paul CarberryZombies on the Rock: Outbreak by Paul Carberry
Series: Zombies on the Rock, #1

The Pitch: Thanks to the machinations of the Pharmakon corporation, a plague of zombies has descended upon the Earth! While the world at large prepares to fight off these undead invaders, the sleepy hollow that is the West Coast of Newfoundland thinks that its isolation makes it safe. Little do they know that there are Zombies… on the Rock

Cinders Matthew LeDrewCinders by Matthew LeDrew
Series: Xander Drew, #1

The Pitch: Thomas Horton is a good cop. Focused and unyielding, he has one of the highest solved-case rates in Los Angeles, a city with the highest unsolved murder rate in the whole of the United States. Despite his record, his resolve is questioned by the appearance of a young man named Xander Drew: a man equally as focused and determined, but who refuses to operate within the confines of the rigid California legal system.

The Long RoadThe Long Road by Matthew LeDrew
Series: Coral Beach Casefiles (epilogue), Xander Drew (prologue)

The Pitch: While on his journey of self-discovery he meets the American people — the real American people, not the ones he grew up learning about in class, and realizes that the world doesn’t work the way it does in his small town back home. The real world is harsh and wicked, but can also be soft and gentle — even loving. Xander Drew comes of age on the road, and sets his new direction.

ChainsChains by Matthew LeDrew
Series: Black Womb, #10

The Pitch: The Black Womb series comes to its shocking — and suspenseful — conclusion in “Chains.” Sociopath Derek Smith has been freed from prison and is roaming the back alleys of Coral Beach praying on the weak, and none are weaker than August Styles: a pregnant girl with Down Syndrome who has run away from home. Complicating matters further is the revelation that Xander does not have the control over his animal side he thought he did, and that perhaps the lines that divide his dueling natures are not as clear as he would have hoped.

Gang WarGang War by Matthew LeDrew
Series: Black Womb, #9

The Pitch: The Tees, an homicidal gang evil men, has finally been taken down by Xander Drew. But his victory is short lived, as retired Tees are killed one by one. With a town full of suspects, anyone can be the culprit… including one of their own.

Inner ChildInner Child by Matthew LeDrew
Series: Black Womb, #8

The Pitch: In the wake of the Tee’s attack on Coral Beach, Julie Peterson is hospitalized with life-threatening wounds to both body and soul. But the real threat comes from the hospital walls themselves, as a demonic presence makes itself known to Xander and his friends.

BecomingBecoming by Matthew LeDrew
Series: Black Womb, #7

The Pitch: For months Xander Drew has been doing his level best to keep the streets of Coral Beach clean, and now it’s time for the forces of darkness to strike back… all at once.
Be there for the single worst day of Xander Drew’s life. There are some things that nothing can prepare you for.

Ignorance Is Bliss (Black Womb, # 6)Ignorance Is Bliss by Matthew LeDrew
Series: Black Womb, #6

The Pitch: Black Womb’s story continues in Black Womb: Ignorance is Bliss. After being set through the ringer one too many times, Xander decides that his personal life with Julie Peterson needs a little more attention… which is bad news for Coral Beach, because a new villain has come to town with his sights set on one person: Adam Genblade.

Ghosts of the Past (Black Womb, # 5)Ghosts of the Past by Matthew LeDrew
Series: Black Womb, #5

The Pitch: Black Womb’s story continues as the town of Coral Beach faces its most awesome threat when one of Engen’s past mistakes is unleashed upon the unsuspecting populous. Friends and enemies unite to fight a common enemy… but will even that be enough?

Roulette (black Womb series, 4)Roulette by Matthew LeDrew
Series: Black Womb, #4

The Pitch: As the teen suicide rate in Coral Beach starts to climb astronomically fast, Xander travels to Los Angeles to fight his most terrifying adversary yet… and learns that the only thing worse than looking for release… is finding it.

03_SmokeSmoke and Mirrors by Matthew LeDrew
Series: Coral Beach Casefiles #3

The Pitch: The approaching execution of Adam Genblade brings closure to the men and women of Coral Beach… until people start showing up dead in the same manner they did when he was at large. Now his victims are forced to keep him alive in order to get their answers… or accept that it may not have been him to begin with.

Transformations in Pain Black Womb Coral Beach Casefiles Kit SoraTransformations in Pain by Matthew LeDrew
Series: Coral Beach Casefiles, #2

The Pitch: When two girls are assaulted and one is hospitalized, the residents of Coral Beach must put their shared tragedies behind them and stop the man responsible, as well as unlock the secrets behind the true nature of the Black Womb…

Black Womb Matthew LeDrew Coral Beach CasefilesBlack Womb by Matthew LeDrew
Series: Coral Beach Casefiles, #1

The Pitch: Fifteen years ago, something happened in Coral Beach, Maine that resulted in the death of a seventeen-year-old boy today. Now four high-school students must try to solve a mystery almost two-decades old… before the killer picks them off one by one.

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