The Engen Universe

The “Engen Universe” is a shared continuity among several of our novels, series, and short stories. It includes the Black Womb series, the Xander Drew series, the Infinity series, and three books of short fiction. It covers a wide range of genres, styles, and themes while still co-existing in a shared timeline of events and rationality. One does not need to have read each series to understand the one they’re reading: but further reading provides more mysteries to unravel.

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Ali House Lightbulb ForestThe Lightbulb Forest by Ali House
Series: The Segment Delta Archives, Engen Universe

The Pitch: 40 Stories from Canada’s Best Storyteller! Tales to thrill, amaze, and excite: Ali House can do it all! This author has mastered every genre of story she’s tried her hand at, and now — finally — her amazing short fiction and flash fiction is collected in one place! Including stories that tie into the Segment Delta Archives series and the Engen Universe series, this collection has something for everyone!

touchebTouch Your Nose by Matthew LeDrew
Series: Engen Universe

The Pitch: Simon Monk is a spy in San Francisco, attempting to infiltrate one of the largest companies on the Eastern seaboard: Shane International. Using his tech and his contacts and his cunning, Simon will get closer to some sinister dark secrets than anyone ever has… and possibly lose it all after a careless romantic slip. How long can a man pretend to be someone else without losing who they are?
Buy the book that reviewers rave: “seductive potboiler that pulls you in and leaves your head spinning”!

webJacobi Street by Matthew LeDrew
Series: Engen Universe

The Pitch: Veteran horror-scribe Matthew LeDrew returns to his suspenseful roots in Jacobi Street, the thrilling new novel that takes readers into the darkest corners of the Engen Universe.

Bob had a normal life, one of many struggling artists vying for critical attention in the competitive district called Jacobi Street, until the day a mysterious unnamed painting showed up at the gallery he worked at. Since that day more and more people have been disappearing, and the captive audience trapped within the painting keeps growing…

reptilia_bookmarkReptilia by Matthew LeDrew
Series: Engen Universe

The Pitch: Bestselling author Matthew LeDrew returns to his horror roots in the terrifying new novella, Reptilia. When an aggressive new virus breaks out at a small town hospital, its up to a small team of doctors to try and figure out the source of the contagion before it’s too late!

thirdeditionLight-Dark by Erin Vance
Series: Infinity (prologue), Coral Beach Casefiles (prologue)

The Pitch: Ten short stories that shine a light into unseen corners of the Engen Universe! Tense thrillers like The Tourniquet Revival, which sees Kat Smith alone against a cultist kidnapper, and Reptilia, a modern-day rollercoaster ride with zombie-like hoards descending upon a remote town! See the secret link between Infinity and Black Womb in Revving Engen, a YA tale centered around a shy New England youth named Nick Carry. See the suspenseful first appearance of Scarlett, the Engen Universe’s resident monster hunter, and get a dark glimpse into the possible future of the Engen Universe with Remers.

Sure to have something to excite and impress any reader!

The Long RoadThe Long Road by Matthew LeDrew
Series: Coral Beach Casefiles (epilogue),  Xander Drew (prologue)

The Pitch: While on his journey of self-discovery he meets the American people — the real American people, not the ones he grew up learning about in class, and realizes that the world doesn’t work the way it does in his small town back home. The real world is harsh and wicked, but can also be soft and gentle — even loving. Xander Drew comes of age on the road, and sets his new direction.

CompendiumCompendium by Ellen Curtis
Series: Infinity (prologue)

The Pitch: Delve deeper into the world of Engen Books than ever before with Compendium, the breakout novel by all-star author Ellen Curtis.
Featuring The Tourniquet Revival, Falling into Fire and At Midnight, The Dawn; plus a new introduction by the author!


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