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Travel VS Writer’s Block

I’ve been having wickedly terrible writer’s block lately.  There are so many projects on my list, and I keep getting stuck on stupid things that I shouldn’t be stuck on.

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Erin’s Epic Journey

This past fall, Engen editor embarked on an epic journey across our great nation of Canada! Read the entire epic saga here! 🙂

Part One: Can Something be both an introduction and a warning?
Part Two: I always forget how beautiful Newfoundland is.
Part Three: We may have style, but we have no sense of direction.
Part Four: Where’s the Red?
Part Five: Problems of being Monolingual.
Part Six: Stupid Squirrels!
Part Seven: There’s something about Ontario..
Part Eight: Welcome to the Flatlands
Part Nine: Get in losers, we’re going shopping!
Part Ten: Three Days in One
Part Eleven: The Highs, the Lows, & the Midway Point Between
Part Twelve: There’s a Theme to these Songs
Part Thirteen: It’s a Pancake Printer!
Part Fourteen: Barrie and Besties
Part Fifteen: O Canada
Part Sixteen: There’s no Place like Home

Erin Vance, Editor
Erin Vance, Editor

Erin Vance is an editor and a graduate of the Memorial University of Newfoundland English Honors Program.

Erin wrote her Honors thesis paper, The Song of the Mockingjay, explored the nature of Katniss Everdeen’s agency in Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games series. She is creative, spiritual, and loves reading, writing, and anything to do with words.

Erin is an editor for Engen Books on a work-for-hire basis and is currently accepting proposals from more editing work in both copy and content from authors of all backgrounds and skill sets, subject to right-to-refusal and prices to be negotiated based on the amount of time each project is estimated to take. Potential authors wishing to work with Erin should write and allow up to four weeks for a response.

Current Works, Editor

Smoke And MirrorsSmoke And Mirrors by Matthew LeDrew
Series: Black Womb, #2

The Pitch: The approaching execution of Adam Genblade brings closure to the men and women of Coral Beach… until people start showing up dead in the same manner they did when he was at large. Now his victims are forced to keep him alive in order to get their answers… or accept that it may not have been him to begin with.

Note: Erin edited the 2015 international edition of Smoke and Mirrors only.

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Cinders (Xander Drew, #1)Cinders by Matthew LeDrew
Series: Xander Drew, #1

The Pitch: Thomas Horton is a good cop. Focused and unyielding, he has one of the highest solved-case rates in Los Angeles, a city with the highest unsolved murder rate in the whole of the United States. Despite his record, his resolve is questioned by the appearance of a young man named Xander Drew: a man equally as focused and determined, but who refuses to operate within the confines of the rigid California legal system.

When the egos and obsessions of both men collide, Horton enters a violent and dangerous world he didn’t know existed beneath the veneer of order and structure that he has based his entire deductive method around, forcing both men to question everything they knew… until they are both threatened to be dragged down to a place where everything burns, until all that are left, are Cinders.

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The Problems of Being Monolingual

20151009_big squirrelI am sure all of you were eagerly waiting last night for a blog post. And perhaps you even waited until this morning, wondering how the Epic Journey of Erin and Michael is going. Finally, perhaps around 9:00 this morning (which is 7:30am over here; I was awake, but not aware yet), you realized the awful truth: Erin did not write a blog post concerning the events of October 8th. How dare I!

Quebec is a very confusing province for two monolingual individuals. As we do not speak its main language, we come across as being either boorish or ignorant, or perhaps even both. Highways that lead into the cities are *confusing*, and traffic is pretty nuts. It’s likely similar in Toronto, I am aware. I am already dreading it.

I always knew that Quebec was going to be my least favourite part of this trip. As much as I want to see Old Montreal and the Biosphere (and now the Planetarium), I knew it was going to be confusing and messy, and basically outside of my comfort zone.

It was certainly outside of Michael’s.

On the plus side: We are out of the worst of it now. All we have to do is get out of Montreal in two days (and we plan on doing this rather early in the morning to make it simpler), and drive through on our way back home in 6 weeks. We can calm down now.

I think we are finally calming down.

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“We May Have Style, But We Have No Sense of Direction.”

So! Big day today. Many things happened – enough things that I actually made a list. I have since lost the list, but the point is still made by the fact that I had to write a list at all.

(It’s probably in the car somewhere; I just don’t feel like searching it out.)

First things first: Mom, Dad, Erica, and Kyle – you were right. The ferry was no big deal. (I made Michael drive.) I can’t even tell you much about it because I was asleep before 10:30pm, and the ferry didn’t disembark until 11:45. I mean, every time they made an announcement, I was rudely woken up, but I was asleep again within a couple of minutes.

Am I a real person yet? Not quite, but I am getting there.

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Can Something Be Both an Introduction and a Warning?

Erin Vance, Editor
Erin Vance, Editor

I suppose I should start out with a greeting of some sort, because I feel as though most of you don’t know who I am; which is fine! I don’t know who you guys are either. The beauty of the internet, I guess. Those of you who do know me are probably here because you found a link on my Facebook (in which case: Hey. How you doing?).

My name is Erin Vance. I am a student in suspension (because I don’t know my next step), I am an editor at Engen Books, and I am a Sobeys’ clerk (you may have seen me there once or twice). I am often called any variation of weird, odd, strange, or crazy, and am owned by 3 Newfoundland dogs. I have a trampoline named Frank and a Grand Caravan named BeueI. I have 3 younger siblings, and a new cell phone that I am not yet comfortable with. I am also about to embark on a grand adventure: I am going to drive from St. John’s, Newfoundland to Victoria, British Columbia with my younger brother, Michael.

You may wonder why I’m telling you this, and the reason is: Because people want me to write a travel blog. And because I am curious about this idea, and on occasion like to make people happy, I have agreed to their request. Which is what this post is all about: My upcoming trip.

I’m not an author like Matt and Ellen – not yet, anyways – and so I don’t have any thoughts or words of wisdom on how to write. All I have is my own random thoughts concerning a trip that’s going to span, according to Google, over 7500 km, or 78 hours of driving. And that’s if we go straight across, which we’re not. Not really. We have too many things to see and do on our way.

(I’m kinda excited; can you tell?)

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