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Fantasy from the Rock Launch Gallery

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Tomorrow: Ellen Curtis at the #LOLANL Writer’s Circle!

Tomorrow at the Arts and Culture Center, local St. John’s author Ellen Curtis will be co-hosting the first Engen Writer’s Circle of 2017!

Hosted as a part of the ‘Love Our Local Authors’ month going on all through February at the AC Hunter Public Library, the Writer’s Circle is a round table discussion with four of the indie writing community’s top talents: the person in charge of taking your submissions (Ellen Curtis), the author of Call of the Sea (Amanda Labonté ), the author of more than 15 novels (Matthew LeDrew) and of course Erin Vance, the author of Song of the Mockingjay and the revolutionary editor behind Sci-Fi from the Rock and Fantasy from the Rock! The #LOLAnl event has already featuring amazing local Newfoundland talent, such as Glenn Deir, Victoria Barbour, Heather Reilly, and Kevin Major! The Writer’s Circle aims to answer any question you might have about the writing and publishing process, not matter what stage of the process you’re at, from professionals with a combined 25 years experience in the competitive small-press market. Continue reading Tomorrow: Ellen Curtis at the #LOLANL Writer’s Circle!

Ellen Curtis writes for Fantasy from the Rock!

Ellen CurtisAfter co-helming two of Engen’s most successful endeavors in 2016, Sci-Fi from the Rock and Exodus of Angels, Ellen Curtis returns to her short-fiction writing roots with her new story, ‘Winter’s Loch.’

Ellen Curtis is a writer and web TV personality born and raised in St. Johns, Newfoundland; whose aptitude for the written word began at a young age, when she began writing short stories, poetry, lyrics and novellas.

She was ‘discovered’ at a Sci-Fi on the Rock II writing panel in 2008, and her first collection of stories, Compendium, was published just over a year later in October 2009. Continue reading Ellen Curtis writes for Fantasy from the Rock!

Why We March | Ellen’s Rant

Ellen CurtisOver the past few years, I’ve tried to favour listening to firing back in disgust. I’ve tried to educate myself on the nuances of controversial issues, and I’ve tried to strike a balance between blocking negativity from my life and remaining open for respectful dialogue. In many ways, I’ve become quieter on social media as a result, but there are simply some things I will not remain quiet about.

Yesterday, millions of people across the world marched for women’s rights. Comfortingly, it seems the majority of my friends and family see the value and purpose behind this march. In an age where reproductive rights are being threatened, where sexual assault is normalized as “locker room talk”, where there are countries around the world moving to decriminalize domestic violence, countries that do not allow their young women an education or a choice in their future, the vast majority of people have lent their voice to the cause.

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Engen asks: What bookish things would you like left under the tree this year? | Top Ten Tuesday

Whitecoat, Kenneth Tam, Other IndieAli House: A native Newfoundlander, Alison is a graduate of the Fine Arts program at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College currently residing in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Her first novel, The Six Elemental, was released in October 2016. She has also written for the anthology collections Bluenose Paradox and Sci-Fi from the Rock.

Whitecoat: The Champions of 1940 by Kenneth Tam. I read the Prologue in Sci-Fi from the Rock in 2016 & have wanted to read this book since then.”

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