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Sci-Fi 2012: Success!

Andrea Edwards
Andrea Edwards

Sci-Fi on the Rock 2012 has come and gone and once again proven to be a massive success for Engen Books and everyone involved!

After getting an early start on Friday, the five Engen Authors in attendance began a record-setting weekend of fun, laughs, and most importantly: bringing new, great fiction to the masses.

Engen-founder Matthew LeDrew was there to launch the ninth book in his Black Womb series: Gang War . Also new to this convention was Inner Child , released at Hal-Con 2011 late last year, and light|dark , an anthology book featuring shorts by LeDrew, Ellen Curtis ( Compendium, Infinity ), Jay Paulin, Andrea Edwards, and Sarah Thompson!

Ellen Curtis and Sarah Thompson
Ellen Curtis and Sarah Thompson

Jay Paulin was there as a double-guest, working in his capacity as founder of Ink’d Well Comics as well as Engen Author. Seated directly north of the Engen booth, collectors had easy access to multiple signatures from authors of light|dark.

“We made new friends, caught up with old ones and promoted Ink’d Well Comics,” said Jay Paulin via his blog. “The thing is, you all know a convention weekend isn’t just what happens during show hours.”

Authors launched for the first time included Andrea Edwards, who wrote Scarlett for light|dark and came by to sign some copies as well!

Engen writing workshops on writing and writers block were open to a packed room of young authors, each ready to overcome whatever is “blocking” them and become the next big thing in the province.

It was a great year for Engen with more to come in the coming months! Stay tuned!


The E-True Hollywood Story: Sci-Fi from the Rock

20120221-090518.jpg For the uninitiated, Sci-Fi from the Rock is an anthology series published by Engen Books. There was a collection released in April 2010 consisting of three stories, followed by a second volume in April 2011 featuring five stories. These stories, and the main purpose of the series, is to tell stories that take place outside the main Engen Universe. Anything could happen in these stories. The world could blow up. I think it did in Justin Foley’s story last year.

Anyway, this year there isn’t going to be one. And I wanted to explain why before rumors started flying.

Basically it was never intended to be annual. I don’t think we ever called it annual. If I did it was a slip of the tongue. It was always intended that this title would be “preempted” every so often.

For example: Steve Lake write his “Full Moon” series of shorts. Someday he might decide to write a novel based on the property. If he does, that novel would take the place of the book of shorts that year. I’ve toyed with the idea of even putting “Sci-Fi from the Rock Presents” at the top of such a novel, but will likely not as it would alienate new readers.

So I decided this year that anthology would get replaced with another anthology, the Light|Dark I’ve been talking about so much lately. To be fair, the plan was to include many of the authors from the Sci-Fi series, it just didn’t work out that way. But that just means it’ll be all the more epic when it returns with another collection (or novel?) next year.

So, to sum up the reason for this post, I wanted to make this one point clear: the series will return. I love the series. I have non-Engen stories waiting to see print in the series.

Anyone interested in contributing should message our submissions email. You’ve likely got a year. 😉

Hope everyone’s having a good day.

Never Look Back
Matthew LeDrew

Tentative lineup for 2012 anthology released!


Engen Books announces the tentative lineup for its April 2012 anthology of short stories titled light|dark :

Matthew LeDrew, contributing the short stories Reptilia, Revving Engen, and Theogony .

Ellen Curtis, author of the previous Engen anthology Compendium, submitting a story tentatively titled Oliver .

Jay Paulin of Ink’d Well Comics, who brings his short story Gristle While you Work .

Sarah Thompson, bringing her short story: Reamers.

“There’s actually one more in the works,” stated LeDrew when asked about the lineup, “But we’re waiting on the final draft from the author. Hopefully they’ll have it done on time.”

The anthology features stories that take place within the Engen Universe, citing links to Black Womb , Infinity , and other as-yet unexplored areas of the world.

Look for its release this April at Sci-Fi on the Rock 6.

Compendium goes international

Compendium (Ellen Curtis)Engen Books continues it’s winning streak with it’s international titles by re-releasing it’s most international collection, Compendium.

First released in 2009 at the first West Coast Con, Ellen Curtis’ breakout title Compendium broke Engen sales records for both Chapters and in-person sales in it’s first week, records that remained in place until the release of Ellen’s debut novel, Infinity.

Compendium features three stories by Curtis: The Tourniquet Revival, At Midnight the Dawn and Falling into Fire, and features Engen’s most international cast, with characters from Europe, America, and beyond.

The usage of descriptions [in Compendium] really pulled me into the settings. I think atmospheric would be an appropriate adjective. All well written stories trigger the senses, but sometimes it takes a few pages or even chapters before the brain is able to create a world based around the information provided… In Compendium I found after a few paragraphs I had been whisked away to [other] worlds. – Jay Paulin

Reedited and redesigned, Compendium is ready for it’s upcoming re-release. It will be available on Amazon in early November, but entertains it’s official launch at Hal Con 2, November 13 and 14, 2011.

2012 Anthology series information leaks

Engen Books plans the next leg of it’s in-Universe publishing schedule to be released this April, with the publication of an as-yet unnamed anthology collection with stories taking place within the Engen Universe of stories containing the Black Womb series, Infinity, and Compendium.

The anthology will feature many stories taking place throughout the Engen Universe, both with established characters and new ones.

Engen author Matthew LeDrew commented on his blog on September 2nd that he will be writing at least three stories for the collection, and that writing the shorts has opened up some new doors for him.

“Sometimes when I’m writing a short it’s less about story and more about atmosphere, which isn’t the way I normally approach things,” said LeDrew. “I’m usually of the mind that character, above all else, comes first; then plot, and then wherever the chips may fall. But as I write more and more short fiction I’m learning that these rules are often very different between the two.”

In addition to LeDrew, fellow Engen author Ellen Curtis is said to be contributing a tale of her own, as well as Ink’d Well Comics creator Jay Paulin. Other authors are pending, with both newcomers and established authors being rumored to be attached to the project.

“Until the ink is dry, I’m not saying anything,” said LeDrew. “But I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

The next Engen-Universe release is Inner Child, the eighth book in the Black Womb series, to be released this November at the second-annual Hal-Con.

Sci-fi V Celebration!

Ellen Curtis at Sci-Fi on the Rock
Ellen Curtis at Sci-Fi on the Rock

April 15th-17th, 2011 saw the fifth annual Sci-Fi on the Rock at the Holiday Inn, and Engen Books was there in full force to help ring in the anniversary.

Sci-Fi on the Rock is an annual science-fiction, fantasy and horror convention held in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. It was founded in late 2006 and held its first convention in April 2007. This year’s convention saw the implementation of several new elements to the convention, including and third day comprising of a film festival to celebrate the province’s growing independent film community.

This year’s lineup saw a stunning array of authors, artists, and

Ink'd Well Comics @ Sci-Fi on the Rock
Ink’d Well Comics @ Sci-Fi on the Rock

actors from all ranges of the science-fiction, fantasy and horror genres. Guests included Robert Axelrod (Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers), Suzie Plakson (Star Trek: The Next Generation), David Nykl (Stargate: Atlantis) and Thomas Gofton and Tom Brown (Synn Studios, Mind’s Eye: The Series), as well as comic creators Kevin Woolridge (The Little World), Paul Tucker (The Underworld Railroad) and Jay Paulin (Ink’d Well Comics).

All seven Engen authors were also present to celebrate the release of two new Engen Books: Becoming (the seventh book in Matthew LeDrew’s Black Womb series) and More Sci-Fi from the Rock, the sequel to 2010’s Sci-Fi from the Rock.

New Authors join Engen Team !
Two new authors were added to the Engen stable at this convention, with the addition of Justin Foley and Mark Todd to our team of skilled professionals. Both authors were featured prominently in More Sci-Fi from the Rock, Todd in the short story Grimspound and Foley in the short Earthdeath.

Book Launch: Becoming and More Sci-Fi from the Rock !
April 16th saw a double book launch featuring Engen authors Matthew LeDrew, Ellen Curtis and Mark Todd.

“The launch was a complete success,” commented LeDrew. “People always seem happy to see a new Black Womb book, and this time an old fan even brought a ten-year old copy of the original Black Womb book to be signed, of which less than 50 exist. It was wild.”

There was also positive reaction to More Sci-Fi on the Rock, and to Mark Todd’s presence at the launch.

“Mark was great as always. We hope to see a lot more of him in later volumes… here’s hoping!”

Engen Books Cake!
Engen Books Cake!

But an Engen launch is more about books and writing… it’s about cake! Ellen Curtis crafted a wonderful cake portraying the Engen symbol in all its glory. Chocolate, gluten-free and frosted in sweet fondant, the cake was enjoyed by all in attendance.

Infinity tour concludes!
After six months, the tour that began at October 2010’s Hal-Con comes to a close as Engen authors Matthew LeDrew and Ellen Curtis conclude their tour of Infinity.

Since its release, the novel has risen to become one of Engen’s top sellers and has been hailed for its power to draw new readers into the company, a high percentage of whom stay and sample other books in the Engen fold.

“I’m happy its been so successful,” said Ellen Curtis, co-author of the novel. “The reaction has been phenomenal. We’re still going to focus on Infinity for a while yet, but it’s a relief to have the brunt of our tour over.”

Engen Books would like to thank Sci-Fi on the Rock for again allowing them to participate in their grand convention, and hopes to see all involved again next year.

More Sci-Fi from the Rock

Five new stories from Newfoundland’s best in science-fiction literature. Featuring stories by Darren Hann, Mark Todd, Justin Foley and Matthew LeDrew, plus the new sequel to the 2010 hit Legacy of the Full Moon, Vengeance of the Full Moon by Steve Lake. Pick up your copy today, you won’t regret it!

More Sci-Fi from the Rock (Paperback)

More Sci-Fi from the Rock


More Sci-Fi from the Rock (
More Sci-Fi from the Rock (

More Sci-Fi from the Rock (
More Sci-Fi from the Rock (Barnes&Noble)

Title Information:

ISBN: 978-1-926903-03-3
Release Date: April 16, 2011
Status: Available
Book Type: Paperback (5 x 8 in)
Cover Price: US $7.99 / CAN $7.89 / UK £5.99
Page Count: 69

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“When the weakest story in an anthology is still a good read, you’ve got a winner on your hands. Based on the two Sci-Fi on the Rock volumes thus far, I eagerly await next year’s release.”
Jay Paulin, Ink’d Well Comics
April 2011