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Teresita E. Dziadura announced as a ‘Chillers from the Rock’ author!

Engen Books is proud to introduce one of the exciting new talents in genre fiction that will be making their debut in 2018’s Chillers from the Rock collection: Teresita E. Dziadura!

Dziadura has steadily been making her voice heard in the Newfoundland writing scene more and more over the last two years, making her presence known at NaNoWriMo writing events and seminars as a force to be reckoned with, bringing wit and insight to every conversation she’s a part of! Continue reading Teresita E. Dziadura announced as a ‘Chillers from the Rock’ author!

Dale Jarvis announced as a ‘Chillers from the Rock’ author!

Engen Books is proud to announce that Dale Jarvis, author of the 2017 collection of ghost stories Haunted Ground, will be setting the stage as only a person of his immense talent and presentation skills could do, by writing the foreword to the 2018 anthology collection Chillers from the Rock.

Jarvis is the author many books of thriller short stories and is a national bestseller in the genre. His titles include Haunted Shores: True Ghost Stories of Newfoundland and Labrador, The Golden Leg: And Other Ghostly Campfire Tales, Haunted Waters: More True Ghost Stories of Newfoundland and Labrador, and more. Reviewers have long called him “Newfoundland’s favorite storyteller,” a nickname he has earned many times over, and we are happy to have him as a ‘Master of Ceremonies’ of sorts to our collection, helping introduce a collection which will introduce many readers to the up-and-coming talent in Atlantic Canadian thriller and chiller writing.

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How (NOT) To Write A Blog Post

Step 1)  Think of a topic and start writing.

Step 2)  Realize half-way through that you don’t like this topic as much as you thought you did.

Step 3)  Think of new topic and start writing.

Step 4)  Wonder if maybe the first topic was better and consider returning to it.

Step 5)  Wonder if maybe there’s a third topic out there that’s even better than the previous two*. Continue reading How (NOT) To Write A Blog Post

Blog of the Dead | Paul Carberry

Why do we love zombies? Or is it that we love to hate zombies? I mean how many of us root for zombies when we watch our favorite movies. I admit sometimes it’s satisfying watching a zombie tear into the flesh of the more annoying characters but more often than I would like they take away our beloved heroes.

Zombies to me will always be relevant because they can represent whatever you need them too. They can be the unholy punishment passed on to us by an angry God who has had enough of our sinful ways. They can represent corporate or even government greed in its most ruthless form. They can be the failed experiment of scientist trying to play God or a mad scientists secret weapon. Sometimes they need no explanation, it’s just fun to watch them eat a bunch of people and then watch us get revenge against the dead.

Zombies can be so much more than just the stereotypical brain hungry demon that we see. They are often the root cause of something much more evil.  They often bring out the both the heroic saviors of mankind and the most diabolical villains among us. They change what is tolerable and acceptable behavior after the world has been overrun by the zombie apocalypse. It’s hard to find another situation where it becomes common practice for the “good guy” to kill other human beings and we still root for them to win. We all remember when Rick bit that guys neck at the end of season five and we loved him for it.

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Call for Scary submissions!

After the colossal success of Sci-Fi from the Rock and the sheer amount of amazing submissions we got for Fantasy from the Rock, Engen Books has decided to continue the From The Rock line with Chillers from the Rock, to be available in Spring 2018 at the 12th annual Sci-Fi on the Rock convention. Continue reading Call for Scary submissions!