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Call for Pulp Sci-Fi Submissions!

Over the last four years, the From the Rock series has become one of the preeminent anthology series’ in Atlantic Canada. We have been home to some amazing established talent and helped some new authors break through that have gone on to dominate their fields, becoming genre bestsellers in their own right. From the Rock is a title readers consistently ask for, review well, and is a great way for avid readers to get introduced to indie talent they might find interesting. In March 2018 the series’ third entry, Chillers from the Rock, went Bestseller on pre-orders alone!

We are currently accepting submissions for the sixth entry in this series: Pulp Sci-Fi from the Rock, to be available in Winter of 2020. Continue reading Call for Pulp Sci-Fi Submissions!


Cover reveal for ‘Dystopia from the Rock’!

We’re proud to unveil the cover for 2019’s Dystopia from the Rock! This amazing cover was designed by JJ King! JJ King is a bestselling Canadian author writing paranormal and contemporary romance. She is also, as you can see, a talented artist!

Dystopia from the Rock includes the following stories:
“Candles in the Tree” by Michelle Churchill
“The Island Outside the War” by Lisa Daly
“Carry Her Home” by Dianne Lynn McGyver
“Game Plan” by Ali House
“Authentic New Island Experience” by Ali House
“In the Rising Flame” by Sam Bauer
“The Schedule” by Shannon Green
“Blood Red Horizon” by Jon Dobbin
“The Other” by Jon Dobbin
“A Flood of Sorts” by Heather Nolan
“Future Imperfect” by Lauralana Dunne
“Future Tense” by Lauralana Dunne
“The Ninth Wonder” by David Rimmington
“Views” by Matthew LeDrew
“Young Republicans” by Matthew LeDrew
“Watcher” by Gareth Mitton
“Eggshell Revolution” by Matthew Daniels
“Cash Grab” by Chantal Boudreau
“Family Business” by Corinne K. Lewandowski
“The Lost Generation” by David Wright
“Jianghu” by Jed MacKay
“In Dangerous Company” by Christopher P. Walsh
“Trickster Sings the Blues” by Katie Little
“Kaida of the Eastern Shore” by Finnan Beaton
“Escape from Selenous Valley Retreat” by Andrew Pike
“Rudeworld” by John Haas
“Final Edict” by Peter Foote
“Anchored” by Jeff Slade
“The Match” by Ryan Belbin
“The Market” by Nicole Little
“Last One Standing” by Nicole Little

The adventure takes off this March, with preorders going live soon!  Stay tuned to Engen Books for more information!


Prize-Winner Corinne Lewandowski announced as a ‘Dystopia from the Rock’ author!

Corinne Lewandowski is an award-winning author and poet from Halifax Nova Scotia, whom we are proud to announce as a contributor to Dystopia from the Rock. She is a recipient of The Joyce Marshall Hsia Memorial Poetry Prize. Her previous work includes poetry and radio dramas.

She brings with her ‘Family Business,’ her first published prose story. Continue reading Prize-Winner Corinne Lewandowski announced as a ‘Dystopia from the Rock’ author!

Katie Little revealed as the latest ‘Dystopia from the Rock’ author!

Engen Books is proud to announce the return of Katie Little to the From the Rock series in Dystopia from the Rock!

Katie Little is a writer and artist from St. John’s, Newfoundland. Her first published work was in 2017’s Fantasy from the Rock with her acclaimed short story, ‘Sage and Salt.’ Katie has been a guest reader at various literary events in the area over the past several years; she also sells her artwork at local conventions and festivals as part of the art group Wormwood Tuesday. Continue reading Katie Little revealed as the latest ‘Dystopia from the Rock’ author!

Introducing Andrew Pike, author in Dystopia from the Rock!

Engen Books is proud to introduce Andrew Pike, one of the new authors to be featured in Dystopia from the Rock!

Pike holds a degree in English from Memorial University of Newfoundland, as well as diplomas in Journalism and Music from College of the North Atlantic. He has been more and more involved in the Newfoundland genre-writing scene in the last few months, including numerous impressive submissions to the Kit Sora Flash Photography Fiction contest. Continue reading Introducing Andrew Pike, author in Dystopia from the Rock!

Award-Winning Short Story Master Jon Haas revealed as included in ‘Dystopia from the Rock!’

Engen Books is proud to announce the inclusion of award-winner short story author Jon Haas in its 2019 Dystopia from the Rock collection!

With over a dozen short stories and two novels under his belt, Haas already has credit as an amazing author. In addition to this he has taken First Place in the Capital Crime Writers Annual Contest (The Audreys) (2012), as well as placed or received Honorable Mention in several other competitions.

One story he received Honorable Mention for in the 2014 Writer’s of the Future awards was the story we grratefully accepted to Dystopia from the Rock, ‘Rudeworld,’ a tale that sees censorship gone awry and taken to extreme.

Six other authors will be joining Jon Haas, Matthew Daniels, Matthew LeDrew, Lauralana Dunne, Diane Lynn McGyver, David Wright, Erin Vance, Jon Dobbin, Elizabeth Whitten, Peter Foote, Chantal Boudreau, Ellen Curtis, Finnan Beaton, Christopher Walsh, Lisa Daly, Jeff Slade, Michelle Churchill, Ryan Belbin, Nicole Little, Brad Dunne, David Rimmington, Heather Nolan, Gareth Mitton, Shannon Green and Ali House for the 2019 Dystopia on the Rock collection! We still have award-winning and prolific authors in the genre to announce! Who will join them? Stay tuned and Never Look Back!

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