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Black Womb: Habeas Corpus

A Special-Edition hardcover collecting Black Womb, Transformations in Pain, and, Smoke and Mirrors celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the release of Black Womb! Available in print only through contacting Engen Books!

Black Womb: Habeas Corpus (Hardcover)
Matthew LeDrew


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Title Information:

ISBN: 978-1-926903-36-1
Release Date: April 28, 2017
Status: Available
Book Type: Hardcover (5 x 8 in)
Price (CAD): Buy Local: $40 / EBook
Page Count: 575

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Black Womb (Matthew LeDrew) Transformations in Pain Smoke and Mirrors cover


“It is the writing of it’s generation: visual, to-the-point and in-the-moment.”
The Northeast Avalon Times, May 2009

“The story is solidly written… [LeDrew] could have just given us the Breakfast Club, but instead he’s succeeded in creating a cast that’s as every bit [as] unique as they are believable.”
Jon Aylward, June 8 2010

“LeDrew’s work is horror that emerges from the urban fantasy tradition — the introduction of a fantastical element into a true-to-life, modern setting.”
The Telegram, Aug 13, 2010

“Evil corporations, faceless villains, people with mysterious identities/pasts… when done right these are powerful archetypes. I love potboiler mysteries, horror and scifi… I have a feeling I’m going to enjoy this series.”
Jay Paulin (Ink’d well Comics), November 2010

“It takes you on a rollercoaster and ends with a bang… I enjoyed every moment of it.”
Milan McKay
A Neon Village, Dec 2, 2010

“Very dirty, very well written. [I] enjoyed the story immensely and would like to see where it goes.”
Steve Lake, Sci-Fi on the Rock TV

“Black Womb compares very favorably to Personal Demons, I must say — I enjoyed [Black Womb] as much, and it of course has more in the series.”
Kenneth Tam, Iceberg Publishing, July 7, 2007

“The writing in Black Womb is seamless and to the point, without robbing you of the details or over baring you with them either.”
42 Webs, Feb 15, 2012

“Black Womb was suspenseful and intriguing from beginning to end with breathtaking twists and turns that kept me hooked and guessing until the end!”
Andrea Edwards, “Scarlett” author
Septembers 6, 2012

“Great book with an interesting twist, Matthew (LeDrew) weaves a tale of suspense, horror, and youthful endurance. Definitely a book to check out if you haven’t already!”
Kevin Kendall, Kendallight Studios
September 28, 2012

“Perhaps the best way to dilute the book’s premise down to a single sentence would be to call it “a bizarre fusion of horror film and superhero gimmicks.”
Mark Pellegrini, Adventures in Poor Taste
November 29, 2012

“Black Womb is an exciting horror story full of action and introducing a bunch of interesting characters. The story flows quickly and is a great read for a first-time novelist.”
June 04, 2013

“When Transformations in Pain focuses on the mystery elements, it moves at breakneck speeds. The dialogue is sharp – a common trait in LeDrew’s novels – and the plot weaves together quite cleverly.”
Jay Paulin, Ink’d Well Comics, May 2011

“[The novel] has a Whedon-esque feel to it but is really good. The comedy in it is just right for this horror genre [the author] is working on.”
Steve Lake, Sci-Fi on the Rock TV

“Matthew LeDrew has taken an intriguing concept and appears to know where it’s going.”
The Northeast Avalon Times, May 2009

“[Smoke and Mirrors] is a mature and complex tale with many twists and turns that is sure to please fans of action, drama, horror and mystery.”
Jay Paulin, Ink’d Well Comics, June 2011

This is the coalescence of what Black Womb is about… the best of the series so far and leaves me wanting more.”
Steve Lake, Sci-Fi on the Rock TV

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