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Brad Dunne Chapters signing – success!

45890786_1813398202046824_7278585393249779712_nCongratulations to Brad Dunne, who sold out of every copy of After Dark Vapours brought to Chapters Kenmount Road today!

We’ll have more in stock soon, or you can purchase direct from Amazon or the Engen website!

Pictured: Brad Dunne and supporter Juliette Ryan.


After Dark Vapours

Werewolves and a dark family secret in Northern Labrador! Growing up without his father, Tyler had no way of knowing the horrible secret that has plagued his family for generations. To free himself and find the cure, he will have to look beyond himself and into his dark history.




Introducing Rob McDonald, contributor to Kit Sora- The Artobiography! Preorders open!

img_5643In addition to a slew of amazing, prize-winning talent and all the best authors working in Atlantic Canada today, Kit Sora: The Artobiography is host to some of the hottest emerging talent on the island!

One of those astonishing new authors is Rob McDonald, author of the story ‘Antinomy.’

Rob McDonald is a fresh import to St. John’s from a mythic, nevermore Philadelphia. In coffee-fueled delirium he composes chamber opera and musicals, creates and plays games of every ilk, and, to his wife’s perpetual horror, initiates sloppy wet kisses with dogs. But his true secret identity is speculative fiction writer. Or is it? (It is. Or IS it!?).

In 2018, his short story ‘In Medias Res’ won the Postcard short story contest from Newfoundland Quarterly. Continue reading Introducing Rob McDonald, contributor to Kit Sora- The Artobiography! Preorders open!

Elixer | Kit Sora’s Story

May as well make this an annual thing, just wishing I had started it earlier!

I literally had -no- idea what this week’s photo was going to be, and even at 4:00pm yesterday I knew I had the love potion bottle and beyond that I had no idea. Drew was leaving to drop a friend home and told me I had until he came back to come up with something so we could prep whatever we needed to before shooting- and then it hit me!

All the details were up in the air but I knew I wanted to be lying somewhere green with this love potion being forced into me with nothing but these arms coming into the frame. Outfit was decided mere minutes before stepping out the door, wig likewise. Continue reading Elixer | Kit Sora’s Story

Engen Books Facebook like-and-share!

Hey everyone! Our little Facebook page is up to 500+ likes and growing daily… but we’d like to see it grow a whole lot more! So here’s the deal: if we can make it to 1000 likes by January 1, 2019, we’re going to be offering a free, comprehensive manuscript evaluation to two of our wonderful fans!

Please like and share out our page wherever you think people will like what we do, and see if we can make it to 1000 likes by the end of 2018!

“Little Star and the Shepherdess” by Peter Foote | Short Story Winner

“Hello little star, are you awake?” Emma whispers through the panels of the door to the mud brick lamb pen where she had rolled the wounded star several days ago.

The soft golden light inside beats a steady rhythm as a response, provoking a smile to cross Emma’s face. Crouching  beside the door, Emma thinks back to how she had discovered the  injured star while searching for a wayward lamb.

Blackened and battered, the tiny star had plummeted to earth after being knocked out of the heavens. Her heart filled with compassion, Emma rolled the flickering star into the safety of the lamb pen before the rising sun could weaken it further. Continue reading “Little Star and the Shepherdess” by Peter Foote | Short Story Winner

Winner: “Little Star and the Shepherdess” by Peter Foote | Kit Sora Flash Fiction Photography Contest

After much deliberation, Engen Books is proud to announce the winner of the September 30 2018 Kit Sora Flash Fiction Photography Contest: Peter Foote with her story, Little Star and the Shepherdess!

Peter Foote is a Freemason and owner of the FictionFirst Used Bookstore, a bookstore located in Nova Scotia that ships used genre fiction and manuals worldwide. He is from Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia and currently resides in Kings County, Nova Scotia.In 2017, Foote endeavored to bring the Atlantic Canadian writing world together by forming a group known as the Genre Writers of Atlantic Canada (GWOAC) that seeks to cross promote and support authors working in the genre fields at any level, including hobbyists all the way up to experts in the field. The group is currently 244 members large and grows daily.

There were three judges for this month of the contest:


Brad Dunne is a freelance writer and editor from St. John’s, Newfoundland. He began his writing career as an intern at The Walrus magazine and has published journalism and essays in publications such as Maisonneuve, The Canadian Encyclopedia, and Herizons. His short fiction has been featured in In/Words, Acta Victoriana, and The Cuffer Anthology.

His debut novel, After Dark Vapours, is available now. He maintains a blog at

He’s also active on twitter (@braddunne1796) and instagram (@yoloflaherty).


Matthew LeDrewMatthew LeDrew has written eighteen novels for Engen Books, Black Womb, Transformations in Pain, Smoke and Mirrors, Roulette, Ghosts of the Past, Ignorance is Bliss, Becoming, Inner Child, Gang War, Chains, The Long Road, Cinders, Sinister Intent, Faith, Jacobi Street, Infinity, The Tourniquet Reprisal and Exodus of Angels.

6S2A6303Kit Sora Photography. Kit Sora is an artist and photographer from St. Johns, Newfoundland. Her photography draws inspiration from fantasy, dystopia, and thrillers to create evocative imagrey that startles, inspires, and excites.Kit signed with Engen Books in 2018 as head photographer, producing the thrilling image for Chillers from the Rock and re-imagining the covers to the entire Black Womb series into the Coral Beach Casefiles series. Drew Power is a currently seated member of the Sci-Fi on the Rock committee. He was recently featured as the model on the cover of the bestselling collection Chillers from the Rock.

Runners up include The First Day of Spring by Jennifer Shelby and Imagine That by Nicole Little.

The Flash Fiction Photography Contest is sponsored in part by FictionFirst Used Books, which specializes in previously enjoyed Sci-fi & Fantasy Novels, Roleplaying Manuals and Graphic Novels. It is run out of my home in the Annapolis Valley and open by appointment only. Their inventory is currently over 5000 titled strong and they ship within Canada, USA and Europe. You can find them on Facebook, here.

The winning entry will be featured on this website as well as on the Fantasy Files newsletter (click to join!). The second and third place entries will also be featured in the Newsletter.

The first year’s worth of these amazing short stories have been collected in a lovely hardcover edition from Engen Books, featuring photos from the author and flash fiction stories from some of Canada’s top talent! Pre-order your copy today!

Kit Sora: The Artobiography

A stunning, hundred-plus page hardcover collection of over 80 of Kit Sora’s most ambitious photographs, paired with short fiction inspired by the art by Canada’s best authorial talents. Includes stories by USA Today Bestselling Author Kate Sparkes, USA Today Bestselling Author Victoria Barbour, and Bestselling Author Amanda Labonté.


London Calling | Chelsea Bee

London Calling

Olivia Williams used Shakespeare’s timeless words to comfort herself through childhood sexual abuse, disordered eating, and a toxic relationship. She thought a summer studying in London in the legendary Globe theatre would be the healing learning experience she always longed for. Surrounded by new friends, beautiful culture, and budding romance, Olivia knows her life is about to change. She doesn’t expect this, though. Not again.


Title Information:

ISBN: 978-1-926903-82-8
Release Date: June 15 2017
EBook Purchase:
Page Count: 256

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toucheb Chillers from the Rock Call of the Sea, cover, Amanda Labonte


“The perfect book for the #MeToo era of storytelling,”
— Matthew LeDrew, author of Coral Beach Casefiles and Xander Drew.