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Winner: “Huntress of the Woods” by Melissa Bishop | Kit Sora Flash Fiction Photography Contest

After much deliberation, Engen Books is proud to announce the winner of the October 2019 Kit Sora Flash Fiction Photography Contest: Melissa Bishop with the story, Huntress of the Woods!

Melissa Bishop lives in St. John’s but spends a lot of time at her cabin in Georgetown, where inspiration is often discovered on woodland walks. She likes finding the magic in everyday, mostly through reading, writing, hiking and spending time with family and friends.

We had two judges for this collection: Continue reading Winner: “Huntress of the Woods” by Melissa Bishop | Kit Sora Flash Fiction Photography Contest

Head in the Clouds | Kit Sora’s Storytime

This weeks was slightly rushed, as I had to make / shoot it on Saturday evening because Sunday was a heckin busy day! I think I actually sketched it earlier that day too!

So this was sort of a mash between ‘head in the clouds’, ‘look to the stars’, ‘light on the other side’ etc. I needed something I could create relatively fast, and with stuff already in the house. I found a sheet of cardboard (large), and literally plopped my face onto the cardboard in my living room to trace my face (both Drew and Tim were napping at this point). Once traced, I just cut out my face hole, and then glued down both lights and fluff. In the end, the lights didn’t work out quite how I had envisioned, but they’re cute enough for the one shot with Mulan Continue reading Head in the Clouds | Kit Sora’s Storytime

Announcing: Terror Nova, a new anthology of chilling Newfoundland tales!

Engen Books is proud to announce to addition of Terror Nova, an anthology of Newfoundland thriller fiction, to its Fall 2020 lineup of titles!

The title will be helmed by Newfoundland’s preeminent horror showman Mike Hickey (Filmmaker, Designer, Host of Fright Hype) and horror master Matthew LeDrew. It will feature new stories by Newfoundland’s most promising talent, curated specifically for the task of bringing Newfoundland’s terrifying mythology to life!

Stay tuned to Engen Books social media for announcements on the writers selected for this incredible project, and look for Terror Nova during Halloween 2020!

Submissions Closed for Pulp Sci-Fi from the Rock

At 12:01 AM Newfoundland Standard Time on November 1, 2019, we closed the submissions folder for Pulp Sci-Fi from the Rock, the newest in the bestselling lineup of short fiction anthologies. All told we received over 60 entries amounting to over 200,000 words.

Ali House Lightbulb ForestThat will take some time for our returning series editors, Ellen Curtis and Erin Vance, to get through. Entrants can expect emails to start coming through near the end of the month, with public announcements of authors to start in early 2020. A quick glance at the titles submitted show some returning friends and a lot of new talent as well: we can’t wait to see how this shakes out.

Thanks for your patience, and stay tuned for the announcement of the next “From the Rock” theme! Also, keep your eyes peeled for the first From the Rock Presents title hitting stores in early 2020: The Lightbulb Forest: The Collected Short Fiction of Ali House.


Dread in Writing | Dobbin’s Blog

This is dread, man. Truly dread

I was asked recently, “what was the first book to scare you?”

I didn’t have an answer, because I don’t think I’ve been scared by a book. Still, it made me wonder: what scares people? What makes people cast worried looks into shadowy corners and run up their stairs once the lights are out?

Dread is Anxiety on Steroids

Emily Nagoski

In a day-and-age where horror movies are deemed successfully scary by the amount of jump scares that they have, is becoming scared by a slowly developing image you create with your own mind losing its luster?  Maybe. Maybe the visual media is desensitizing readers to the images sewn into print, but I doubt it.  People still get scared, people still seek that exhilaration, and people still read scary books. Maybe the question should be why do people get scared? Continue reading Dread in Writing | Dobbin’s Blog

Announcing: ‘The Lightbulb Forest’ collection of short fiction!

Ali House Lightbulb ForestEngen Books is proud to announce the next book in its bestselling From the Rock series to be the first of a new spin-off series, From the Rock Presents, which will focus on recurring authors who have had their work featured in multiple collections. The first of these will premiere in early 2020: The Lightbulb Forest, the collected short fiction of Ali House.

The Lightbulb Forest will feature forty short stories collecting House’s long and storied career as one of Atlantic Canada’s most prominent genre fiction writers, including her work to date and many stories seeing print for the first time. It will feature multiple categories of short fiction, including fantasy, thrillers, drama, humor, and science-fiction.

The Lightbulb Forest will also include links to House’s ongoing series The Segment Delta Achieves.

Ali House has had a long and fruitful career, but with novels and short fiction. To date her fiction has appeared in every open-call Engen anthology, including Bluenose Paradox, Unexpected Stories, Dystopia from the Rock, Fantasy from the Rock, Chillers from the Rock, Sci-Fi from the Rock and Flights from the Rock. She has also been featured in Gathering Storm Magazine.

Be sure to mark your calendars and check out this wonderful literary event when it hits shelves!

Duplicity | Kit Sora’s Storytime

For week 8 I was determined to get outside to shoot- I’d been going a little stock crazy, and if I’m unable to shoot outside for prolonged periods of time, no one has a good time! I also find it refreshing, and somewhat inspiring. Everything somehow looks and feels more magical when outside. I’m sure there are still a million other concepts I could come up with to shoot inside, but my heart was pulling for something outside!

I had originally planned on doing some form of giant key concept last year, however things went askew and it eventually fell onto the back burner. So, it was the perfect idea to pick up for this week! I decided Friday night that the Key was my prop, and created the base with bits found around the gallery! The tube once held canvas, and the blades are scraps from a frame! My dear coworker Chad was kind enough to trim them down for me to the perfect lengths! Continue reading Duplicity | Kit Sora’s Storytime