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Jay Paulin launched the Ink’d Well Comics line in late 2009 as a way to publish his self-titled works. Since then, the brand has evolved into a small press with over a dozen released or announced projects. Paulin is best known for co-creating an annual charity anthology that shines a spotlight on independent creators, many from Canada. A new edition is released each Autumn. The latest collection, Fearsome Fables, featured nearly 45 contributors and raised well over $1,000 for Child’s Play. He also wrote Faces, a one-shot, that has earned rave reviews.

The Grasslands by Kenneth Tam | Other Indie

The Grasslands Kenneth TamKenneth Tam’s The Grasslands (Iceberg Publishing, 2008) is the first in the prolific author’s Her Majesty’s New World series. Known more for science fiction (The Defense Command and Equations series), Tam ventures into alternate historical fiction but eventually embraces his comfort zone – and that’s where this phenomenal book stumbles.

The book’s back cover informs us that in 1881, gateways to a new world have been discovered in both the American and British Empire’s sides of the Rocky Mountains. The two have partnered to settle the remarkably – and curiously – Earth-like world.

The story moves forward to 1919 where the renowned Royal Newfoundland Regiment (RNR) are brought out west and given their mission: escort three women into the untamed grasslands of the new world. Sounds easy for such an accomplished outfit, no? Well, unfortunately for Major Thomas ‘Tom’ Waller, Lieutenant James ‘Jimmy’ Devlin and the b’ys, the new world has a dangerous threat: the savages. Continue reading The Grasslands by Kenneth Tam | Other Indie

The first of many

Jay Paulin
Jay Paulin

Inspired by friend and fellow writer Matthew LeDrew, whom I first met at Hal-Con 2010, I decided to sign up here and start posting.

The early plan is to post large updates on weekends. From time to time, I’ll post interesting things I stumble across during the week.

The large updates, also taking a page from LeDrew, will focus on my writing process and inspirations.

Hopefully you enjoy these little musings and you find reason to stick around.

edit: I welcome any and all comments, providing they aren’t spam or vulgar. I want to keep this a place where writers and readers of all ages can visit. To help ensure this, I have comments set to be moderated. Hopefully everyone understands my concerns. Thanks!

First (real) post is coming soon!
– Jay