As Fierce as Steel | An Epic Fantasy by Christopher Walsh

As Fierce as Steel by Christopher Walsh

As Fierce as Steel is the inaugural entry into the world of Gold & Steel, a new fantasy series from Canadian author, Christopher Walsh. It is centered around the lives of two women, those of the Lady Orangecloak and Lady Marigold Tullivan. One is the leader of a brave group of young men and women in open rebellion of their government. The other was born into that patriarchal world and destined for greatness, as a trophy wife, a fate she will do anything to alter.


As Fierce as Steel introduces those characters and that of other men and women of the nation of Illiastra and beyond, who all have aims on seeing a new day dawn in their country. Look into a world on the cusp of its own industrial era, filled with robust characters of all walks of life as they navigate adventures and drama on their road to a new Illiastra.

Title Information:

ISBN: 978-0994023605
Release Date: February 2016
Price (CAD): Print: $25 / EBook: $2.99
Page Count: 698

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“To say that Walsh was influenced solely by RR Martin weakens both. As Fierce as Steel is actually much more than that. It has the tone of George RR Martin (that epic feeling that sends chills whenever the characters enter a battle) along with the imagination of JRR Tolkien (taking disparate aspects from the world around them and melding them into a coherent fantasy universe capable of suspending the reader’s disbelief for 700+ pages) and the aesthetics of Baz Luhrmann… yes, Baz Luhrmann. In that he has the ability to mix modern (ish) weaponry like rifles and modern idioms of speech into a fantastical, medieval setting in such a way that feels neither forced nor contrived, much in the way Luhrmann shifted the weapons in Romeo+Juliet”
— Matthew LeDrew,
author of Coral Beach Casefiles.

“Beautifully written, this book is built with vivid images of an astounding fantasy world that is well built with diverse people of both race and sex. It’s clear that this intricate world was carefully planned out through its political point of views and many little details that build its complex and large range of character.”
— Simple Pleasures


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