Ariel Marsh

Ariel Marsh The Last Tree

Ariel Marsh grew up in Moncton, New Brunswick. As a kid, she could always be found drawing or with her face buried in a book or two.

Once Ariel hit junior high, she developed a more serious interest in art, from pottery and sculpture to painting in all sorts of mediums. In college, she took Intro to Animation, and then a 3D Graphics and Design course. After leaving college, she focused on commissions, ranging from pin-ups to murals.

After moving to Nova Scotia in 2007, Ariel started to attend local conventions in the artist alleys. She soon launched her personal brand, Sweet Loots, consisting of original digital and watercolour illustrations, pet portraits, greeting cards, and some pop-culture paintings.

Ariel currently freelances with Engen Books as our resident illustrator and on-call cover designer. She most recently has provided the illustrations for The Last Tree by Michelle Churchill, released in the fall of 2019.

The Last Tree - Cover ChurchillThe Last Tree by Michelle Churchill & Ariel Marsh
Series: Impardia, #1

The Pitch: In the beginning, only three trees grew in the forest. It is said that when the first tree fell, the first humans of Impardia appeared. From the branches and berries of the second tree came the elves, and that tree too fell. Then there was the last tree. The tree of the faeries. Some say that one still stands, deep within Impardia’s forest. But most of Impardia has long forgotten about the elves and the faeries, as the kingdom has long been unknowingly divided. A kingdom partly shrouded by a veil. With a single act of kindness, Augustus sets off on a journey that might just reunite the kingdom of Impardia once more. Read the book that Ali House raves is “A delightful adventure in a magical world full of fascinating creatures!”

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