March Fiction Recs | House Blog

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a shelf full of books you’ve been meaning to read (or two shelves). And, well, now seems like a good time to start making a dent in that.

On January 1st I posted two lists on my facebook page – a list of my favourite books read in 2019 and books I’m looking forward to reading in 2020. Currently, I’ve finished two of the books and am half-way through another. (I’d have put “The Lightbulb Forest” on that list, but seeing as how I wrote all those stories, I think they count as Read.)


However, if you’ve been doing a lot of reading lately and you’d rather listen to something instead, here are some of my favourite fiction podcasts: (Please note, these podcasts tend to be dark, because I like twisted things)

  1. Limetown. I haven’t listened to Season 2 or watched the series, and when I read the book I really only liked half of it, but I’ve listened to Season 1 over and over and over. A chilling and thrilling story about someone trying to figure out what happened to a town that disappeared.
  2. The Message. Another that I’ve listened to multiple times. A team of cryptographers try to decode a message from space, but what might that message contain? [There’s a “sequel” to The Message called LifeAfter (quotations because it’s related, but not a direct sequel). I liked that one as well, although I liked The Message more. It’s about Ross, who spends most of his time listening to recordings of his late wife, but what happens when she begins speaking back to him?]
  3. Palimpsest. I’ve only listened to Season 1 (Annabelle), and while it was a bit of a slow burn, it paid off in the end. A ghostly tale about memory and the past and what we perceive as reality. (Also, you can download the scripts, which might help a person if, say, they were thinking about maybe writing a podcast of their own…?)
  4. Welcome to Night Vale. My OG podcast. I’ve only made it as far as chapter 20, but I love the weird, strange world that has been created. Also, Cecil’s voice is so calming to listen to.


If you have any recs for books or podcasts, let me know in the comments below!

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