Jeff Slade’s International Women’s Day Picks

Since today is International Women’s Day, I [Jeff Slade] thought I’d use my voice to promote the voices of female authors who I’ve found both inspiring and entertaining in equal turns.

So I compiled a list of ten books/authors, five non-local and five local, which you’ll find below. Go and check any (or all!) of them out and you won’t be disappointed!


The Priory of the Orange Tree – Samantha Shannon
I’m not finished this one yet, so it may be kind of cheating, but I’m loving every second of it. I’m just a horribly slow reader, and it’s a long book, but a fantastic one. I like to think I’m savouring it, like a fine meal or wine, and am thoroughly enjoying the consumption of it.

A Darker Shade of Magic – Victoria “V.E.” Schwab
I’d meant to check this out for some time, and finally picked up the trilogy boxset last fall. I’ve only read the first one so far, but I’m hooked. It features a compelling story with two protagonists, a creative magic system, and an interesting premise on alternate worlds/dimensions. Great stuff.

Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell
This is one of the very few books I’ve ever read more than once. It may be the only one, now that I think about it. True, it’s YA, but I fell in love with the characters right from the beginning. It features fanfiction as well, which makes it even more interesting.

The Savior’s Champion – Jenna Moreci
I received an ARC of this, so I may be biased, but this is such a great story. Another interesting magic system, and fantastic characters that grab you from the start. The author is writing another book from one of the other character’s points of view of the same events, but start here for sure.

Solomon’s Seal – Skyla Dawn Cameron
If you’ve ever loved Tomb Raider or Indiana Jones, then you’re going to love the Livi Talbot series. This is the first one, and is a great story on its own. The fact that it launched a number of sequels, which is still ongoing, is just sweet, sweet icing on the cake. Livi is amazing and once you start you’ll be hooked.


The Six Elemental, cover, Ali HouseThe Six Elemental – Ali House – Author
Another YA title, and the first of another series, this book introduces us to a whole new world and another awesome magical/power system. The characters jump off the pages as well, and you’ll become immediately invested in Kit and her plight.


Operation Vanished – Helen C. Escott
This is the author’s second Operation title, and, while Operation Wormwood was great in its own right, this is my favourite of the two. A great mystery/whodunit style plot with compelling characters that will have you trying to figure out what happened right up until the end.

Sarah Thompson The Love of SummerThe Love of Summer – Sarah Thompson
This is a very recent title, but a great one nonetheless. I don’t read a lot of romance, the odd Rainbow Rowell novel aside, but this was a very satisfying read. A tale of two young women who find themselves living next door to each other, which follows their relationship from those innocent beginnings to college and well beyond, it’s a real page-turner that’ll leave you wanting more.

Resurrection – Tanith Frost
I have a bias towards urban fantasy, as I’m trying to dabble in it myself, but this finely polished first book of a seven book series set in Newfoundland is a must-read for any fan of the genre, or of great writing in general. The fact that it’s set here is a nice bonus, but it stands on its own merit aside from that.

Rock Paper Sex: The Oldest Profession in Canada’s Oldest City – Kerri Cull
Last but not least, and only last because I just finished reading it this afternoon, is this non-fiction book about the sex trade in St. John’s. It was a real eye opener for me, and a fascinating, unbiased read. I was very impressed by its diversity and how impartial the writer was able to maintain throughout. A very interesting read for sure.

Jeff Slade is a resident of Salmon Cove, Slade is an avid reader who enjoys both making and hearing puns, playing the guitar, and cats. Slade made his publishing debut in Chillers from the Rock with his chilling tale, The Culling, then went on to win the April 2018 Kit Sora Flash Photography Fiction Prize with his story, Extinguished. He returned in 2019’s Dystopia from the Rock with his story, Anchored, and in 2019’s Flights from the Rock collection with Flight of the Puffin.

3 thoughts on “Jeff Slade’s International Women’s Day Picks”

    1. “Hi Rebecca, thanks for the feedback. We value all voices at Engen, and are always happy to encourage allyship among our authors. Jeff independently posted this to his personal blog, and our board (60% female) was happy to repost it with that in mind, just as we would if any of our female authors had written a similar post. Wishing you peace and kindness.” — Engen co-founder Ellen Curtis


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