Rising Star Melissa Bishop announced as a Pulp Sci-Fi from the Rock author!

Engen Books is proud to foster new, exceptional talent in it’s bestselling From the Rock anthology of short fiction. To that end, we are pleased to announce the inclusion of Melissa Bishop in 2020’s Pulp Sci-Fi from the Rock.

Born and raised in the St. John’s /Mount Pearl area, Bishop is a newcomer to the genre fiction scene in Atlantic Canada whose fantastic prose has taken the provinces community by storm. Her work won two Kit Sora awards in 2019: July 2019 ‘Cycles’ and September 2019 ‘Huntress of the Woods,’ and has placed numerous other times.

Bishop describes herself as a loyal Tolkien fan and high school teacher, teaching at the same high school she attended in her youth. She started writing when she was very young and honed her skills in High School, when she started a pen pal friendship that has lasted for over 17 years, writing stories back and forth to each other.

She brings with her her short story ‘The Photograph.’

“The inspiration for “The Photograph” came from a discussion I had with a dear friend of mine,” says Bishop. “When talking about what would be a cool superpower, my friend wanted to be able to touch a photograph and travel back to that moment. I thought that was a really cool idea.”

Keep your eyes on this talent!

Ten other authors will be joining Melissa Bishop, Brad Dunne, Corinne Lewandowski, JRH Lawless, Lisa Daly, Andrew Pike, Julie Aubut Gaudet, Daniel Windeler, Alissa Hickox, Andrew McDonald, CS Woodburn and Steve Power for the 2020 Pulp Sci-Fi on the Rock collection! We have established authors, award-winners, bestsellers, and returning From the Rock alumni left to announce! Who will join them? Stay tuned and Never Look Back!

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