Brad Dunne, author of ‘After Dark Vapours’ announced as writing for ‘Pulp from the Rock’!

After Dark Vapours Brad DunneEngen Books is proud to announce that Brad Dunne, author of the 2018 novel After Dark Vapours, will writing for the 2020 anthology collection Pulp Sci-Fi from the Rock with his tale ‘The Pale Horse.’

Brad Dunne is a freelance writer and editor from St. John’s, Newfoundland. He began his writing career as an intern at The Walrus magazine and has published journalism and essays in publications such as Maisonneuve, The Canadian Encyclopedia, and Herizons. His short fiction has been featured in In/Words, Acta Victoriana, and The Cuffer Anthology. His debut novel, After Dark Vapours, was released in October 2018 to great critical response, mixing literary sensibilities with genre storytelling.

His second novel, The Gut, is expected in September 2020 from Engen Books.

“Brad Dunne’s first novel is a literary masterpiece. His ability to craft pure terror and suspense is brilliantly fused with heartbreaking emotion and real life feelings leaves the reader turning the page all the way to the end. Brad Dunne is a new, exciting voice in both the horror genre and Newfoundland fiction.”
— Paul Carberry, bestselling author of Zombies on the Rock

“Dunne grabs you by the scruff of the neck in the opening scene and makes you watch as he takes a knife to his characters and peels them like an onion. When he’s done, every dark desire and hidden flaw is exposed and you’re left with nothing but tears in your eyes and an ache in your chest. It is a tale that is switches between time and location as the sins and choices of the past affect those in the here and now. Well researched, and well written, I highly recommend.”
— Peter Foote, bestselling short fiction author

Eleven other authors will be joining Brad Dunne, Corinne Lewandowski, JRH Lawless, Lisa Daly, Andrew Pike, Julie Aubut Gaudet, Daniel Windeler, Alissa Hickox, Andrew McDonald, CS Woodburn and Steve Power for the 2020 Pulp Sci-Fi on the Rock collection! We have established authors, award-winners, bestsellers, and returning From the Rock alumni left to announce! Who will join them? Stay tuned and Never Look Back!

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