Lisa Daly announced as a Pulp Sci-Fi from the Rock author!

Engen Books is proud to introduce one of the exciting talents in genre fiction returning for 2020’s Pulp Sci-Fi from the Rock collection: Lisa Daly!

Daly is an Archaeologist, historian, professional ballroom dance instructor, crafter, and avid baker.

She has published an extensive library of non-fiction works, the most recent including Sacrifice in Second World War Gander, in Canadians and War, Vol. 3. Lammi Publishing, Canada and An Empty Graveyard: The Victims of the 1946 AOA DC-4 Crash, Their Final Resting Place, and Dark Tourism, in AP Online Journal in Public Archaeology, 8(2): 79-98.

Daly made her fiction-writing debut in Dystopia from the Rock with her short story, ‘The Island Outside the War,’ and went on to use her expertise in aviation to edit 2019’s Flights from the Rock alongside series editors Erin Vance and Ellen Curtis. She brings with her her new story, ‘The Mouse,’ an amazing short story that adds to her growing repertoire of incredible fiction.

Flights from the Rock

27 short stories celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the first Trans-Atlantic Flight! Stories by wonderful bestselling authors as well as new talent, and edited by Erin Vance, Lisa Daly, and Ellen Curtis!


Fourteen other authors will be joining Lisa Daly, Andrew Pike, Julie Aubut Gaudet, Daniel Windeler, Alissa Hickox, Andrew McDonald, CS Woodburn and Steve Power for the 2020 Pulp Sci-Fi on the Rock collection! We have established authors, award-winners, bestsellers, and returning From the Rock alumni left to announce! Who will join them? Stay tuned and Never Look Back!

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