Swamp| Kit Sora’s Storytime

For the first time in a while! Gosh! Drew abandoned me for Gander, and I’ve been busy shooting, editing, prepping to stand, and prepping for my own wedding! I’ve also completed artwork for an upcoming show (tonight/tomorrow @ vertical xpression actually!), shot a Mer’By’s month for the new calendar (y’all are gonna die when you see it!), attended a bachelorette, worked my regular dayjob & slept a little in between! The hecticness isn’t gonna go away anytime soon, so you get extra snaps this week to make up for the lack of updates!

This weeks image started with a sketch on the back of a gallery business card- it just came to me! Why be a mermaid when I could be a strange humanoid tentacle creature thing? Mixing it up a little is okay, right? So the same day I came up with the sketch we adventured to find POOL NOODLES, and I was determined to make them look like tentacles (They were bright orange, and more photos of that exist,… somewhere..Thanks to Louisa for the single one I have so far!~ )! I youtubed for a good while before I found something -similar- to what I wanted, and along the way it was modified!

I took my precious pool noodles to Dave’s house for our regular weekend chills, and myself & Amanda sculpted the points of the tentacles to look like the proper pointy shape, while her darling fiance strung wire through them to help them hold shape! Once they were point, I coated them in saran wrap to hide any exposed noodle texture, as spray paint would eat that right up!

When they were wrapped, I took some giant bubble wrap and cut it into strips, and then adhered that to the noodle base!
Once that was done, into the creepy murder basement I went with my awkward af pointy pool noodles aiming in every direction (and hitting everything on the way down),and prepped to spray paint. I started with white on the suckers, then added lime green, dark green, & dark blue. It was touched up a few times to blend & hide bits that were uneven, but from a distance they were starting to look pretty awesome!

I also needed my helmet full of water, which I managed to find at dollarama thanks to Hamilton , and I had plans of grandeur to print off images of fish to make it look like I had actual water in there, but I dropped the ball on that.. So the slight tint of blue had to do the job!

The Sunday I decided to shoot this just happened to be the same weekend as Gander Geekfest (so Drew wasn’t around to help!), two weddings, and my girlies bachelorette! It was full of love and magic, but not of sleep, so it was a sleepy go! Post bachelorette I arrived home to find my tribe of tired darlings staring into every corner of the room eating pizza! I began the process of figuring out makeup (literally slapped it onto my face and hoped for the best- Thanks to Amanda for the net suggestion!~), and then dug through the closets to find wig that I could mess up under the helmet, and a dress or something I wouldn’t mind getting wet/being seen in!

Once that was completed, Dave, Louisa, Amanda & myself set off to what I Was hoping would be Middle/Outer cove!.. buuuuut the Capelin were rolling, so we did too! I panicked to come up with a new location, and remembered Torbay Beach- so we adventured there next!

We unloaded the car, gathered ourselves and headed for the ocean. Unfortunately, the swell was a great deal too strong to have been able to hold up the tentacles/not float away/die, so we opted out of my original plan. We were in luck however, as there was a river that was leading into the ocean, that was under a bridge that we crossed getting to the ocean!

Into the river I went to size up the current, temperature, and angles, and it turned out to be the spot! Dave was my camera spotter (mine too I guess), and I started setting up the tripod/camera/remote setup in the centre of the river just under the bridge. The tripod was wedged between 4 giant rocks so it wouldn’t tip with the current, but it thankfully wasn’t overly strong!

Once that was ready to go, Louisa loaded me up with tentacles & my water helmet, and I sat on the big rock in front of the white one, and having given Dave my trigger so it wouldn’t drown and I had two free hands, the shooting commenced! The tentacles were pinned under my legs, but they still wiggled a little bit, and if I breathed at all my helmet would fog up, so there was a lot of tensing and holding my breath to hold positions! I saw an eel, and lost my balance a few times, but it was successful in the end!

Once we were done and everything (including me) was out of the water, I had to get changed! The beach had started to fill up with people for bonfires, so we had to be slightly sneaky. Dave & Amanda got to hold up 3 towels at once, while Lousa was guiding my numb body out of my satched nighty/leggings/socks/boots and into my cozy soon to be damp forever stegosaurus onesie! The towel only fell once, I stepped into the arm and hood of the onesie, and I only almost toppled one time!

We piled into the car and adventured to Tims for a round of french vanillas (and a black coffee), and grilled cheese sammitches as a thank you

It was an amazing experience with 3 insanely amazing people who I will note didn’t complain even once about anything!~

Kit Sora: The Artobiography

A stunning, hundred-plus page hardcover collection of over 80 of Kit Sora’s most ambitious photographs, paired with short fiction inspired by the art by Canada’s best authorial talents. Includes stories by USA Today Bestselling Author Kate Sparkes, USA Today Bestselling Author Victoria Barbour, and Bestselling Author Amanda Labonté.



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