Saviour | Kit Sora’s Storytime

STORY TIME! What you don’t know about this photograph!

Often times I’m fairly selective over what I share about the process of an image I create- Sometimes you get to see a sketch, sometimes a silly outtake, maybe a live video, etc. However it’s not often I share exactly what was happening while a shot is in progress!

For example! My darling Drew’s perfect expression- Those shifty eyes; He’s actually carefully watching a group of kids who came onto the beach! Naturally, one would see a mermaid and get super excited about it!.. but I was very topless! As for the rest of his face, he’s literally carrying the weight of what I like to call a manatee- We practiced this carry in our living room while I was wearing the tail! We didn’t however think to factor in the extra weight the water would add to the tail, or how hard it would be to stay steady while standing on rolling sand, with the water to our backs!

Camera was set up on a tripod about 15 feet away from where Drew planted a giant rock! Rock was Drew’s marker for where he had to stand. I set the focus manually while he was standing in the water getting his pants wet, and kept it on manual so when I fired my trigger, it wouldn’t refocus. Trigger is of course in my arm hidden behind Drew’s back.

This shot took 4 different attempts to nail down- Usually I can either get up to go check my camera, or Drew can bring it to me so I can have a look at what I’ve done and what needs to change. In this case, the tripod was planted into the sand, and was set up for just the right angle with the sky/water ratio- So my darling boy had to check that as well! First time we missed rather miserably- nothing but the corner of a fin in the frame- so there were about 20 of those shots! Second attempt wasn’t bad, we were 5 feet closer, but still not right on. Third and forth we were smack dab in the middle!

For the record, beach was out past Placentia, water was warm, and yes, there is sand literally everywhere


Kit Sora: The Artobiography

A stunning, hundred-plus page hardcover collection of over 80 of Kit Sora’s most ambitious photographs, paired with short fiction inspired by the art by Canada’s best authorial talents. Includes stories by USA Today Bestselling Author Kate Sparkes, USA Today Bestselling Author Victoria Barbour, and Bestselling Author Amanda Labonté.


Words © 2018 Kit Sora. Image © 2018 Kit Sora.

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