Smoke and Mirrors

03_SmokeSmoke and Mirrors
Matthew LeDrew (Author)
The most daring paranormal thriller series of the last decade becomes a legal thriller in Smoke and Mirrors! Serial killer Adam Genblade is on trial for the murders that ravaged Coral Beach last September, but public perception of his guilt begins to waver when murders fitting the exact same M.O. are committed while he is still behind bars. Is this the work of a copycat killer… or is the reality of Genblade’s guilt all just a magician’s trick of smoke and mirrors?

Download the continuation of the Bestselling Superhero series that Jay Paulin raves “is a mature and complex tale with many twists and turns that is sure to please fans of action, drama, horror and mystery” today!

Title Information:

ISBN: 978-0-9784342-3-6
Release Date: April 2019
Price (CAD): Print: $20 / EBook: $0.99
Page Count: 337

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“Return to Coral Beach for the trial of the century. While Xander Drew fights for his humanity and sense of Justice, Ledrew is at hard at work crafting his best work yet. The true nature of the series is just beginning to surface in this groundbreaking third installment.”
Paul Carberry, bestselling author of: Zombies on the Rock

“[Smoke and Mirrors] is a mature and complex tale with many twists and turns that is sure to please fans of action, drama, horror and mystery.”
Jay Paulin, Ink’d Well Comics, June 2011

“LeDrew’s work is horror that emerges from the urban fantasy tradition — the introduction of a fantastical element into a true-to-life, modern setting.”
The Telegram, Aug 13, 2010

“Matthew LeDrew has taken an intriguing concept and appears to know where it’s going.”
The Northeast Avalon Times, May 2009

This is the coalescence of what Black Womb is about… the best of the series so far and leaves me wanting more.”
Steve Lake, Sci-Fi on the Rock TV



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