Cover Reveal: The Starving

Starving smallEngen Books is proud to announce and unveil the cover for The Starving, the first novel from award-winning author Jon Dobbin, in stores in May 2019.

This stunning, evocative piece of art embraces the horror at atmosphere of Dobbin’s Western horror was crafted with care by the amazing Jud Haynes.

Haynes is one of, if not the, most talented graphic designers working in the province at this time. His work has enhanced many an amazing project, including album covers, tourism campaigns, and novel covers. To find out more about his work, visit his website.

Dobbin’s novel follows the story of Bill Weston hunting the man known as Faraway Sue.

From the back cover: “Something evil grows in the heart of Colorado.

Bill Weston was a man of the West. He knew it – its land, its people, its stories. It was where he plied his trade, hunting men for money. His life wasn’t easy, but it was predictable. That all changed when he captured Faraway Sue and he was led on a trip through the Colorado forests.

In those unknown wilds Weston was confronted by an ancient evil, bent and twisted by time and hunger. It would take everything in him to make it out alive, but what can a man do when faced with a creature out of myth and legend?

Find a way to survive, or be changed forever.”

The Starving is an incredible, transcendent work. A return to — and at the same time, reexamination of — both the Western and Horror genres. It is a stunning first novel, of the type that only come along rarely.” — Matthew LeDrew, founder of Engen Books.

Pickup The Starving, available this May from Engen Books, as well as Dobbin’s contributions to Chillers from the Rock and Dystopia from the Rock, available now.


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